Renewing the Vision of Homemaking {Homemakers Challenge}

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Today’s guest post is brought to you by Jennifer of Renewing Housewives.
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“Thank God, O women, for the quietude of your home, and that you are queen in it.  Men come at eventide to the home; but all day long you are there, beautifying it, sanctifying it, adorning it, blessing it….”

Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage, D.D.  in Verses of Virtue

Long ago homemaking was regarded as important, necessary even.  Young girls learned skills for their future as a homemaker.

They would spend time:

  • embroidering
  • making quilts for the future home
  • filling their hope chest

In order to be ready for their calling as a help meet, they collected:

  • napkins
  • tablecloths
  • bed sheets

Being a full time homemaker was never not in the equation.  Their days were filled by learning the skills they would need.  They were busy cooking, cleaning, learning child training, being industrious, all at the side of their mother.

How you view homemaking directly impacts your effectiveness in being a manager of your own home!

A consistently clean, organized home comes almost exclusively from the hands of a woman that sees the worthiness of homemaking.

I challenge you to see the value in homemaking.  The Lord calls us to the challenge as well:

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”  Romans 12:2

Without a proper view of homemaking, you will, by default only do that which is necessary when it comes to the care and upkeep of your home.  Going the extra mile is, most often, too much of a stretch.

There is always more to be done.  We will always have some other housekeeping task beckoning our call.

My challenge is two fold.  My prayer is that you will be motivated and inspired!

Without further ado!


This week’s challenge:

Research the history of homemaking.  When did the housewife go the way of the dinosaurs?  What caused the change?  Note world views.  How much of the change was due to new mindsets?  Just some questions to get you thinking about it.

What to include in your post:

Share with us a few sentences on what you found.

Need a “hands on” type of challenge too?  Clean the light fixtures in your home, ceiling lights/wall lights/lamp shades.

“So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”  Matt.  5:16


Jennifer is the cherished wife of a very visionary man, and a home schooling mother to almost a dozen children.  Her deepest desire is to consistently love her husband and children, and to be a diligent and joyful keeper at home, for the glory of God.   Her favorite pastime is to encourage fellow housewives in their highest calling of wife and mother.  When she’s not creating Homemaking DVDs or hosting webinars, she can be found blogging at Renewing Housewives.



Thank you for challenging us, Jennifer. It is unfortunate that many women shun the homemaker and even worse, the training of new homemakers. But if we are listening to God’s call on our life, no matter where He leads, we can’t go wrong.

Joyful Mothering

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  1. I wrote a post along this vein last month ~ more along the lines of why we should teach our children the value and purpose of housekeeping, but I think it fits here.  I am working at learning these things myself, but something you said is really pricking my conscience:

    “A consistently clean, organized home comes almost exclusively from the hands of a woman that sees the worthiness of homemaking.”

    I need to CONSISTENTLY work on my attitude towards home-keeping and its purpose, especially if I want to teach it to my girls.

    • I think at first glance that can seem intimidating. But the truth is…the TRUTH is, I know I can keep a more consistently clean and orderly home. I know I can. It’s not far out of reach at all — even with 5 kids (and a dog). One reason is because we have minimal clutter. We do not hold onto things (other than children’s clothing) that we aren’t using. This makes cleaning easier.

      But if I were more disciplined about being consistent, I think much of my stress would melt away with the mess. My problem is, I will clean one day and let it go for the rest of the week and it will pile up and then I struggle to spend another whole day cleaning. Rather than just taking the little time it takes throughout the week to keep up on it.


      • Yup, that sounds all too familiar!!  Once the house is tidy to my satisfaction, it’s SO easy to maintain…. but I just don’t.  I definitely need to work on self-discipline in this area!!

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