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Remember Who you were created for.

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Remember Whose you are. Remember His grace–it follows you. You are not your own. Remember what He did and allow it to empower you to walk in freedom–not hide in shame.

He died to give me fellowship with God–not hide!

He has called you to a greater purpose than yourself–remember Whose you are.

Remember to give thanks. Remember to reflect because reflecting helps us remember; what He spoke, what He promised, what he forgave.

Remember His grace so you can remember to rest and walk in freedom. Remember your calling to die to self and live for a greater purpose — His glory.

Remember the Cross.




  1. I love that verse. In the book I just read (Sifted by Rick Lawrence) there’s a section in it that talks about the grafting process and how painful it really is, but in the end, we are only able to bear fruit by being grated into His vine. ¬†Love this post so much.

  2. i think you really nailed it.
    great job.

  3. Beautiful, thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thank you, Christin. This is one of my life verses and one I constantly have to remember.

  5. Kelly Waldrep says:

    Thank you! Love the thought of remembering He died to give me fellowship, not hide in shame. 

  6. Remembering His grace today!

  7. AMEN!! What a great, much-needed reminder!

  8. So true!

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