Mothering {Chapter 6 POP31}

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This blog is centered around raising our children in the Lord. We have a mission field right in our own homes. Children being born into a Christian family doesn’t secure their salvation. Perfect parenting doesn’t secure their salvation either.

Only Jesus secures their salvation. Our responsibility is to lead them to the cross; lead them to the throne of grace. We can’t change their hearts and we can’t whip them into shape. But we can guide them and love them until there’s nothing left and rely on Jesus to keep loving them.

What we can do is love them so deeply it drives them to Jesus; not constantly bash them for making mistakes or being childish, because they will mature as we continue to guide. Guiding them means being intentional about what we’re doing and teaching Not just once in a while pulling out the Bible because we feel guilty we haven’t in a month. That’s a harsh reality to be faced with, but friends, what are we compromising when we don’t make Him a priority right in front of our children?

My goal isn’t to take the soapbox today, however. Amy has some things to share with you so I’ll give her the floor. ;)

The winner of Grace for the Good Girl is commenter #4, Alison. Congrat’s Alison!

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  1. Jeri Lynn says:

    Our children are our heritage from the Lord. When training my own children I often think of the passage of scripture where Jesus was talking to the religious. His message was clean the inside of the cup, the outside will also be clean also. As we address issues in the heart, our children become who God intended them to be. Thank God He made each of us unique, special, one of a kind.

  2. I’ve been reading Sally Clarkson’s blogs and books (mission of motherhood, etc) and I think she has a wonderful, encouraging perspective on motherhood and I encourage everyone to read her!

    also, I’m so excited that I won the book!  thanks!

  3. Ahhh I love this book! It’s so convicting,yet encouraging. I have been trying to not mold their behavior,yet make them behave,does that make sense? There are certain ways they have to act (line in stores,eating places,and so on),but not make them performance based. I guess it’s just a fine line. I also thought of what you said when our children do things we have been trying to instill in them. I thought that is them rising and calling us blessed. Sometimes my oldest too (only 4  and 2 1/2) will do something or say something and I am like THEY are listening to me and their Daddy lol It’s nice and encouraging to have those moments. 

  4. I struggle in this area every single day… I thank God for leading me to books and blogs that show me where I’m lacking, and how to make things right again. I’m learning that I should be more concerned for my children’s hearts than about how they behave.

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