July Goals – Week 3

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For July


Wake up before children (July habit) – includes time with God
This is going better! Did it several days throughout week

Breakfast Challenge
my first challenge is to wake up early (see above)
second challenge is to read Bible to children–so far, so good! Everyday!

Drink water: – 32 oz per day (to start)
Doing better. I find myself regularly filling my glass without having to think about it.

Read at least 30 minutes per day (from my book stack)
Yes! Doing this in the evenings with hubby :)

Continue house purge/organization
Yes! I’ve gotten a lot done!

Take vitamins
No. :( I’ve always been bad at remembering this!


Begin marriage book (and implement principals most relevant)
Yes!! I’ve begun reading and actually turned it into a community challenge (The Husband Project).


Read 2 chapters aloud, daily
We’re up to one chapter a day.

Finish math books
Still working on it! Yay!

Direct & Inspect bedrooms each evening (July habit)
Happening more regularly than usual, but not everyday yet.

Focus on 1000 Gifts
Not so much.


Create and stick to working hours
Yes I did this! Woot!

Create editorial calendar for remainder of July
It’s finished!

Write 300 words per day
I did this a few times. Still not an intentional habit. Happening more accidentally then anything.

Pressing on for another week! Woot!


  1. Amy Talbott says:

    I like all that you have posted, but it makes me tired!  You are doing great though. :)

    • I’ve come to learn some of my goals are more like “habits” and I’m going to be careful not to make some many “habits” in one month! One time “task goals” might be a better idea. We shall see!!

  2. I am horrible at vitamin taking too! I even placed them on the kitchen counter right next to my green tea bags that I use at least once a day and still no luck remembering them!

  3. Have you ever written about creating an editorial calendar?  I’m curious.   

    I’d love to make some of your goals as my own {write 300 words per day}, but right now, I’m focusing on my pregnancy goals:

    •  No, I’ve actually never written on that before. Should I? :)

      You can jot down goals for the future so you don’t forget (esp. when I’m pregnant and post-partum, I have an awful memory!)

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