How We Use “Our 24 Family Ways” Devotional

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I bought Our 24 Family Ways last year but set it aside because I found it was too much for my little ones. Last month I picked it up again to thumb through it because it had all the values I wanted to impress upon my children and they are ripe for training. It isn’t some fluffy devotional. It offers solid biblical truths and excellent character building traits. So I found ways to simplify parts of it for my younger children.

Below you will see a spread of Our Family Way 5 “We love one another, treating others with kindness, gentleness, and respect.” This “way” is derived and condensed through the verses of 1 John 4:11-12. Each way is studied for five days, with stories and lessons from Scripture and questions to engage the family.

The devotional is set up with 4 categories:

  • Ask a Question
  • Read the Bible
  • Talk About It
  • Speak to God

Ask a Question: This section has a couple of questions you can open the study with. Sometimes I ask the children, sometimes I start out by answering the question, especially if I think it might be confusing for them. Sometimes I use both questions {whether asking or answering}, sometimes only one.

Read the Bible: I open the Bible and read the passage, explaining parts of it as I go. The children sometimes engage and sometimes they sit quietly and listen.

Talk About It: I use the questions in this section as a guide to talk about the verses we read. Again, sometimes I ask and sometimes I turn the questions into my own commentary, depending on what I believe my children may or may not already know or understand.

Speak To God: At the close of our devotional, I will spend a few minutes praying and use these points as a guide for what to pray.

Our 24 Family Ways comes equipped with coloring pages for the children to engage in before or after your devotion time. Laura had a wonderful idea for utilizing these during an obedience lesson for Family Way 3. She gave specific instructions on where and/or how to color parts of the picture. Can you say brilliant?

This simply gives you an idea of what is in Our 24 Family Ways. In the next post I will share how I adapted it for my children.

The one thing I want to stress when using this, or any, devotional, is to use it as a guide. Do not feel like you need to be bound to do it exactly as it’s written. Get creative! Tailor it to meet the needs and creativity of your own children.


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  1. Right now we are using the free Keys for Kids devotional that comes monthly but I really like the sound of the one you are using.

    • We got those for a while for my daughter. She enjoys them once in a while but came to find they weren’t too relevant for her as a homeschooler. Much of the application applied to children who are in school {which is great and still makes for a great devotion!}.

      However, if you have a daughter who is 7+, a great devotional that we love is called “For Girls Only” written by Carolyn Larsen. It is in depth and although has some stories which include public school settings, it also includes relationships with parents. It has a call to action at the end of each devotional and it helps her examine her own heart.

  2. Lyndsey Bell says:

    We’re not using any devotional currently for our family as my son is only 5 years old. Would this work for him?

    • It would work only if you adapted it for him. It would definitely need to be simplified.

      Another devotional I recommend for younger children is called “Five Minute Devotions for Children” by Pamela Kennedy. My younger children get a kick out of these and they are creative and applicable to everyday life. :)

  3. Sincerelystacie says:

    This sounds like an awesome devotional. We’ve used Little Visits and just the good old Bible. Staciele AT netins DOT net

  4. Right now we are using the suggestions that are in the Adventures in My Father’s World curriculum, but they seem a little lacking, so we have been thinking of finding something else also.  This looks great!

  5. WOW! I have never heard of this devotional and I wish I had! I struggle with devotionals appropriate and interesting for my family. We have tried so many and often are frustrated because we have children ages 13, 11 5 and 2. The older girls like the Get A Clue devotional where there are “mysteries” to solve.

  6. I have wanted to get this devotional.  Thanks for this great opportunity.

  7. We’ve been using the One Year Devotions for Preschoolers, but I want something more. I’ve been considering getting Our 24 Family Ways.

  8. I’ve never seen this devotional – it looks amazing!  I’ll definitely be looking into it.  Thank you for sharing!

  9. Alliebruski says:

    On my to buy list! I love the picture Bible by Roth.

  10. I’ve been using the ABC Bible Verses by Laura Dreyer to help work on simple scripture verses with my 3yo and previously with my then 4yo. I have school-age children and the 24 Ways book would be very useful in expanding devotions in our home.

  11. Oh yay!  This book has been on my list for a while.  Right now we are trying “Long Story Short” by Machowski – gifted to us from friends.  So far, so good :o)

  12. The current devotions we use, as a family, are ‘Keys for Kids’ from Family Life.  I grew up listening to ‘Uncle Charlie’ on the radio on the way to school and am excited to use them with my kids.  My older 2 also have their own devotion books they use and we do AWANA at our church, so they use that to memorize the word also.  I would love to have more to work through, as my kids beg for all things scripture……I want to keep that hunger alive!  Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  13. first I want you to know that I am a grandma committed to finding ways to pass the seed of faith to my grandchildren. since my little ones are 5 and 1 I am mostly interested in getting them to get in the habit of thinking about God at least once in their day, and I want them to hear the word of God in a short version that they can understand.  I have been using  the one year devotions for preschoolers by Tyndale house publishers. Everyday has a very short little story, bible verse and a prayer.  It has little people , jack, zoe,parker,katilyn in the devotional  who help my grandchildren to understand God’s word and who God is for them with every day situations. When Emmy(5) is here we read the devotion as she is finishing up her meal since I am usually finished before she is.  After the story,  I have her repeat the Bible verse and the prayer.  I want her to taste the word of God in her mouth and use it to learn how to pray God’s word back to him with the prayer.  Today’s thought was…Even at night God, you are with me. Psalm 16:7  For my One year old singing” jesus loves me” to her when ever I see her is our devotional for now . thanks so much for the chance to win this devotional 24 ways. janita

  14. I was just made aware of this at our homeschooler’s meeting on Monday. I was planning on buying it, but perhaps I’ll win it!!  :-)  We currently use the Day by Day kid’s Bible with the 365 Bedtime Devotions for Little Girls. But I would LOVE to have this and incorporate it into homeschooling at family breakfast (with daddy!).

  15. Anna Atkinson says:

    My daughter is only two at this point and I’ve been looking for a good Bible storybook for her but honestly haven’t found one I just love yet.  I’ve been using some lessons from  and individual Bible storybooks that we have.  I saw this book recently on another site and loved it.  May still be a little old for her now but I’m sure I could get some ideas from it! 

  16. We love the Clarkson’s and this devotional is just one more way they have impacted our home.  I can’t speak highly enough about this book!

  17. I am a “Sandwich Generation granny nanny” meaning I stay busy caring for the elderly parents in my family along with babysitting several of my grandchildren extensively. One of the joys of my life is sharing God’s love and truths with them on a regular basis and I’ve been blessed to see each one growing in the grace of HIs love. One of my favorite ways of teaching them encouraging Bible memory verses is to pick a Scripture passage to work on each summer. This year we’ve been working on teaching the 10 commandments for my grand kids, while last year it was 1 Corinthians 13 – Love is patient and kind… These are wonderful and inspirational Bible verses for children to learn and it blesses and teaches me while I am teaching them. Plus I have the added joy of sharing these projects at SandwichINK. 

  18. Thanks for the giveaway.  I plan specific family lesson nights on Wednesday evenings and currently use ideas from various websites to put something together that fits for our family and my son’s age.  Lately I have enjoyed ideas from these two sites: and 
    preciousmoments2004 at gmail dot com

  19. Jennifer Lockett says:

    This sounds great!  I have been struggling with how to better teach values and character to my kids (7,10).  We are not currently doing anything, although we have used various children’s Bible/story books, Veggie Tales family devotions, and the children’s version of My Utmost for His Highest (I think).

  20. We have been reading a chapter in the Bible, (we are in Exodus), then we read a Biography, ( We are reading J. Hudson Taylor), we use the catechism, and then read something fun, we are reading “The Silver Chair” by C. S. Lewis.  Then we sing some hymns and pray. 

  21. honestly we have been slacking in the devotional area with our kids.  We sometimes get into a routine of reading Jacob’s Bible to him before bed, or we used some bedtime devotion book, i found it was a little too young for him, though… We will also be doing some Christian training when we start school, but still need to finish our move… I would love to have this as an after dinner devotional that our whole family can participate in!

  22. i am currently using the devotional Long Story Short with my kids.  i have read about Our 24 Family Ways and have been wanting to purchase it when funds aren’t so tight.  i love the clarksons and have no doubt that the devotional is a treasure!

  23. This looks like a cool family devotional.  Right now I usually share something from my daily devotional and try to put in language that my daugher will understand.  This ARTS devotional would be a great tool.  Thank you for the chance to win.

  24. I have never seen this book. It looks like a fantastic resource. We currently use 365 Bedtime Devotions for Boys. We use it for all the kids boys and girls! Thanks for sharing this book!

  25. My littlest one is 2, and we haven’t started anything with him yet. Was thinking of starting the “My first read and learn” Bible with Jim when he turns 3

  26. We are currently just reading out of their Bibles, or reading from a Bible story book.  Then I may give them a verse to copy…but this sounds like a great program.  My brain is not creative enough to tie everything together like this..I will definately look into it!

  27. Christin – how old are your kiddos? We JUST finished a devotional book and I’m on the lookout for another one. This looks fantastic! My kids are 4 and 3 (almost!) 

  28. We are currently finishing up Kevin Swanson’s family devotion series – the one on Genesis – because our church was also going through the book of Genesis.  This looks like it would be a nice change for our next one.  My children have taken to grumbling against one another lately and maybe a devotional addressing the way we relate to one another is in order!

  29. We love reading right from the scriptures and acting out the stories.  It helps my younger ones to pay attention.

  30. We use the character series from Keepers of the Faith. Right now, we’re doing Charity. I’ve been wanting to get this devotional. Thanks for the entry.

    Julie Brown

  31. We are looking for something to use!

    Dawn Shirk

  32. That looks like an awesome devotional for families! We’ve never really used anything like this. The devotional time we’ve shared (when we’ve done it) was usually just little discussions about a story in the Bible. We have a lot of talks these days about kid stuff (peer pressure, etc.) as it happens with the kids, and then relate it to scriptures that give us instruction on how to deal with those things. Looking at that picture of Our 24 Family Ways makes me want to grab a copy of that!!

  33. I usually share with the kids what the Lord is showing me in my own life at the time.  I would love something like this devotional….

  34. I’ve always wanted to get this devotional, as I love all of Sally’s other books, and Educating the Wholehearted Child.  Thanks for the giveaway and the tips on how to use the book!

  35. Oops!  Forgot to mention that we use the Jesus Storybook Bible and ask the 3 questions suggested by Sally in EtWC: In this passage what does God want me to know, what does God want me to do, and what does God want me to be?

  36. We use “Leading Little Ones to God” by Marian Schooland with our 3-year-old (It would probably be good from ages 3 to 8). I highly recommend it. Thanks for reviewing Our 24 Family Ways. I’ve been thinking of taking a look at it to use in the future.

  37. we use Jesus Calling right now

  38. We are using Fruitful Families by Howard Bean. Really enjoying it. It goes through the fruits of the spirit for a whole year! You start out with a Bible reading. then a devotional about the reading, often offering small anecdotes to help keep it interesting. and then a continued story each night for the younger children-writing home the point that has been made. This is something we are using in our home each night and love it!

  39. I’m reading God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible to my 6yr old each night before bed.  It’s such a sweet read and so appropriate for her little heart.  The book you wrote about looks like a resource I’d love to enjoy with my family.  If I don’t win the giveaway, I’ll have to add it to my list for purchase soon.  :)


  40. I really like the Jesus Storybook Bible.

  41. like!

  42. Kimberlysyoung says:

    I really like using “Leading Little Ones to God” with my 4 children! But Our 24 Family Ways has been on my “wish list” for a long time now

  43. I have a book called The Book that was mine as a child. It is based on Proverbs and I love it. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win :)

  44. Marcee Rodgers says:

    We have used Keys for Kids from CBH Ministries. I have been eyeing Our 24 Family Ways on Amazon for quite a while:) Thanks for showing the inside of the book-I didn’t really understand how it worked from just reading about it at Amazon. 
    marcee dot rodgers at gmail dot com

  45. I was actually looking at buying this book, so this post was great for me. Right now, we are just reading the Bible and talking about it, but I have been looking for something to use that gives us more direction. My kids are still littles, so I am interested to see how you adapted it!

  46. This would be very usefull as I do not have a resource for family devotions.

  47. Raeleen Sewell says:

    We use Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade – this goes through the shorter catechisms- along with a devotional book from our school that focuses on one verse per month and one family devotional per week.  We have also been reading through the One Year Bible.  Love it all!

  48. We use the Big Picture Story Bible and the Early Reader’s Bible

  49. Homeschooling6 says:

    In the past I have used Leading Little to Ones to God.
    Linda homeschooling6{at}hotmail{dot}come

  50. Carina Thursby says:

    We use Leading Little Ones to God when our children are pre-school age and have been reading straight from the Bible with our older ones. 

  51. Perfect timing…we just finished reading the Jesus Storybook Bible after dinner and are looking for what to do next.  This resource looks wonderful and I thank you for introducing it to me.

  52. We just finished the Jesus Storybook Bible, and are moving on to Leading Little Ones to God. We also use the Proverbs flashcards from the Learning Parent. For our older children we also use Balancing the Sword; although I wouldn’t really consider that a devotional as much as a study.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. We currently don’t have a devotional for the kiddos but we do read lots of children’s bibles and biblical children’s books!

  54. We have used the Jesus Storybook Bible and Big Truths for Little Kids. 

  55. We have used Big Truths for  Little Kids; we also have Our Family Time with God and plan to begin it after my husband has finished reading through the gospel of Mark with our children.

  56. Jennifer Wilson says:

    We don’t currently do a devotional time with our kids, but realize that this is an area we are lacking in and need to change.

  57. One year mother daughter devotions with my 7 1/2 year old. Need to be more consistent with doing something with my 5 year old

  58. We have used the Jesus Storybook Bible

  59. This sounds awesome! I’m not sure how long I’ve had this tab open, but if I haven’t missed the giveaway…we use “Blessings Every Day”…that we got from you! :D 

  60. We use Family Night Tool Chest Book 1 and the Bible, we do the Family Night once a week and read a chapter in the Bible everyday.
    I’m actually Stacey but commenting using yahoo shows up as my husband Robert lol

  61. We’re using Leading Little Ones to God.

  62. Sarah Schneider says:

    My older son just started this school year (we homeschool) with using Dig Deep by Rebecca Ingram Powell studying the book of Proverbs. My younger son is starting to write through the Bible as practice for schoolwork and we use it for discussion as well. I just heard about this book last night and I really want a copy to use for both of my boys as our devotion time together. :)

  63. I have just started using “Leading Little Ones to God” which might be a little too much for my little guys but I really have been enjoying it!

  64. Jennifer says:

    We work on a verse to memorize and discuss that bible verse and what it means and how to apply that to our lives. I find short and sweet devotions and to the point work best with kiddos. This devotional sounds great! I hope I can win! :)

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