How To Make Your Quiet Time Meaningful

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Sometimes when we set out to have a quiet time with the Lord, things don’t go as planned and we’re left feeling empty. We didn’t get out of it what we thought we would.

This is a good time to evaluate what you’re doing during your quiet time. Sometimes all God asks is that we show up. So, if we’re not meeting Him there, it won’t be fulfilling.

Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

How do we meet Him in our secret place? What elements make it meaningful?

I don’t want to minimize this by turning into a “4-step process of meeting with God”. It’s not that simple–yet it is. Let me explain.

Reducing a quiet time with Jesus to a 4 step system is not necessarily going to connect you with God. Obviously there are some things we need to take action on. But God is quite simple. Just show up. By showing up, I don’t mean to only get up early for God. You need to actually meet with Him. Don’t grab a book or hop on the computer and call that your quiet time.

Meeting with God requires that you bring your mind into submission to focus in that time with Him. So, you could have all the “right plans” to get up, get coffee, journal, and pray out–yet your heart still be far from Him. All because you didn’t bring your heart and mind into submission to focus on Him.

Did you know you could read the Bible, pray, worship and all that jazz and still be far from God? I know! It’s crazy to think about. But if we merely focus on the words we say, not the words He says, we miss Him. If we focus on all our wants and not His desires, we miss Him. If we focus on all the things we’re doing and not what He did, we completely miss Him.

It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about Him.

He has created us all unique and sometimes this plays a factor into how we connect with Him. For some it’s done best through song. For others, they connect with Him through writing or painting or running. But these are merely tools, and not required to meet with God. Take all these away and God still remains.

The question is – will you continue seeking Him without the comforts of your gifts? You must know what it means to connect with God. And at times that requires laying everything aside and it just being you and Him.

So, if your goal is to always meet with Him on your  terms, you’re going to have some rare, less than meaningful times with Jesus.

When we miss our “planned/scheduled” time with Him in the morning, do we just leave it at that? Or do we rearrange our agenda to make up that missed time?

If this scenario happens consistently, and we consistently miss time with Jesus and are rarely filled to full,  it’s harder to come to Jesus when we’re emptied. Often, that emptiness fills up with shame. The goal is to not allow yourself to become that empty.

So, how do you make your quiet time meaningful?

By submitting your mind and emotions to Him every time you meet with Him..

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  1. I can totally relate with this.  I meet with God ever morning, yet more than once I’ve felt like He wasn’t really there with me.  He was, of course, but I think it’s that I didn’t enter into our time together with my mind and heart focused on Him.  I was tired and stressing about my busy schedule for the day.  The truth is none of that matters.  God is all I need and the sooner I surrender myself (body and mind) to Him when I’m seeking His presence, the more powerfully I’ll feel it.   Thanks for the beautiful reminder.  :)


  2. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes I don’t submit my whole self because I feel I really don’t have the time. I’m always rushed it seems no matter what time I get up. Things are starting to get better in that area a little bit because my children are getting a little more responsible around the house, thank Jesus. I really appreciated what you said. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    we do a lot of family devotions here, we read from the bible after each meal, we pray and sing together… our quiet  time is no so quiet, we love to share and talk about what we have read… try to learn how to apply it to our life etc :-)

    • Yep, we do all of those things, too and they are so important. But that time for myself and God alone is soo important too.
      Funny, yesterday I wrote about living out loud. Today–the secret place. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be sharing this with my Bible study group, thanks! This last year I have truly come to a place of craving my time in the Word…I know when I haven’t stopped long enough to listen to Him.

  5. Chelsey Hall says:

    Christin – what a great reminder. I love this. I’ve been asking myself these questions for a while. I have a  study I am going through as part of my quiet time, but I realized that it was only “part”. And that the other part – I dare say the most important part – was making sure to spend time in prayer and lots of it and reading His Word – not as part of a study, but just reading it to really hear if He had anything He wanted to say to me or learn. And sometime He’s quiet and doesn’t show me anything new, but those are the days, when I just drink Him in even more.   Beautiful words to today!

    Thanks, too, for linking up with me at Koinonia Thursday’s!!!

    • Amen Chelsey. One reason I struggle with getting into studies that aren’t simply reading the Bible is because I feel like sometimes it’s such a reduction of what God has for me. Like it puts Him in a box. I would rather drink in His word and learn that way.

      And I know everyone is different on how they learn. I just like to soak up God’s Word rather than read what someone else has gleaned from it and try to apply that to MY life.
      It won’t mean the same thing to me as it did to the person writing the study simply because our experiences and needs are so different. Does that make sense? LOL

      Good thoughts and thank you so much for stopping by!


  6. I so appreciate your post today.  I’ve been desiring to have meaningful quiet time and more often than not, fall short (not getting up early enough, only coming to Him with my list, etc etc).  Thanks for sharing… ;-)

  7. Tonight for date night my husband and I started with quiet time together!  We find that this time along and together with God is so powerful! 

  8. Great points! Thank you for sharing. What a great reminder. It’s easy to “go through the motions,” but we should remember to focus on Him! <3

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