End of Year Purge Challenge!

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I would love to begin the year fresh and be a little more organized while managing less stuff. So I’ve challenged myself to purge and organize for at least 15 minutes per day, everyday, until the end of the year.

My living room has been already done (see above pic) due to decorating and there’s no reason this goal cannot be accomplished. It simply takes intentional, set aside time.

I’m talking closets, drawers, cupboards…in order for everything I want to keep to have a home, I need to purge out the things I no longer want or need. I’m lightening our load and my overall cleaning time!

So each Monday, I will post my accomplishments here–complete with before and after photos.

I’m keepin’ it simple and keepin’ it real. Join me? Begin today. Fifteen minutes.

I’ll have a link up here just in case you’re interested in sharing your before and after photos–it’s a great way to stay motivated and accountable.

Happy purging!

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  1. Great idea! This is something I aim for every day, but recently has gone to the wind. Clutter just seems to constantly be building. I look forward to checking out your accomplishments (and hopefully to making a few of my own :) ).

  2. I love your challenges. I need to do this too! As always!!

  3. Great idea! Sounds suspiciously like FlyLady’s “15 minutes a day” challenges. I quit doing them a while back, but I think I will accept your challenge and get cleaned up before/by the end of the year. Thanks for the idea!

    • Thanks Tanya! Yes, Flylady isn’t the only person who’s ever done the 15 minute decluttering challenges. :) I love her 5 minute room rescues, though! Genius and so much can be accomplished in such a little amount of time if we just stay focused!

  4. I need something like this. It is looonnnnnggggg overdue. I just have trouble deciding where to start. Feels like such an overwhelming task when I look at everything that needs to be done. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! But I will start somewhere. Thanks for the encouragment!

    • I’m starting with the top of my microwave (full of clutter) then moving to the drawer underneath it. Then, I’m cleaning out two cupboards in my kitchen. Start with something in your kitchen? Just focus on ONE small thing–a drawer or cupboard.

    • Catherine Fogle says:

      Set the timer. Wherever you got at the end of that 15 minutes, that’s where you end til the next day. Accept that it might get worse before it gets better. :)

  5. Tammy_Skipper says:

    This is a great challenge for this time of year. We have pretty much purged all we can getting ready for the movers who should finish packing the next two days. It is still amazing what we think we ‘need’ compared to what we had when we got married almost 19 years ago though.

  6. Catherine Fogle says:

    What a fantastic idea! I will start tonight. The iphone has an easy timer that lets you choose what music (from your iphone) you use to play when the timer is over. I use something upbeat when I’m doing editing or other “small bites” work where I need to fully concentrate to get a big job done. Thanks!

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