(This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.)

Aside from the fact it is legally required, I still feel it is fair to share with you how Joyful Mothering advertises.

The content of this blog is not built around the advertising; the advertising is built around the content.

My goal in sharing resources with you is to bring to light those things that can benefit you as a mother whether it be discipleship resources for your children, spiritual growth books, curriculum, blogging help, or anything else that would fit into the vision for Joyful Mothering. The truth is, there is a lot of fluff and yuck out there. My goal is to bring you the best of what I have found.

Some of the links leading you to these resources may be affiliate links. This simply means that if you click that link and purchase something, the company will give me a small percentage of the sale, at no additional cost to you whatsoever.

The majority of funds received through Joyful Mothering are currently going toward our adoption.

Other funds are used to give to the charities Compassion International and Gospel for Asia.

That means that any time you purchase a product through an affiliate link on Joyful Mothering, the majority of that money goes to helping bring our children home from Ghana. (Minus the cost of running this site). This includes affiliates and fundraisers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

Part of the vision of this blog is equipping mother’s with resources…this helps fulfill that vision — all to the glory of God. He brings the funds and I walk obedient to the call He has given us.

Thank you for helping to support Joyful Mothering. It wouldn’t be what it is without you -  community.