Homemaking from Scratch {Online} Conference!

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I am sooo excited to share something that has been going on behind the scenes for weeks.

Jami of Young Wife’s Guide and Jolene of The Alabaster Jar having been busy building the site and putting speakers in place.

I will be speaking on Biblical Motherhood and would LOVE for you to join us that weekend!

Homemaking From Scratch Conference 2014

Tickets go on sale September 29th, but you can go and sign up to receive an email once the tickets go on sale so you can get yours.

If you purchase your ticket before the conference begins on October 7th, you will receive over $200 in homemaking resources FREE!

The conference is PRE-RECORDED so you can watch at your convenience, pause it, walk away, or finish it the following day.

Also, all attendees will have access to a private Facebook group where you’ll have access to the speakers during the weekend of the Conference–this will be the weekend we release sessions and you the opportunity to watch along with other participating moms and homemakers! So if you have questions, you can ask the speaker right then and there!

Stay tuned for more details…in the mean time, be sure to sign up to be notified when tickets go on sale! I am so excited to invite you into this wonderful opportunity!

What’s So Great About eBook Bundles?

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shelf with multicolored books, 3d render

I know people see promos flying around for different eBook bundle sales. I usually promote 2 to 3 per year that I find extremely awesome and useful for myself. (And I only promote the best). And I get that sometimes seeing these promos can get really annoying. I get that. But because there are some people online different times of the day, promos will be shown a lot. If it’s something you’re not interested in, that’s totally fine! Just ignore the promos–they’ll be gone in a week.

Ebook bundles are designed to offer you an incredible deal on a bundle of specific resources that would otherwise cost, literally HUNDREDS of dollars purchased separately.

The Omnibus is something only offered once per year by the iHomeschool Network, and it is the largest and least expensive homeschool bundle out there. The iHomeschool Network is a network made up of all homeschooling moms who work to help other homeschooling moms, and this is simply one way we do that. We write materials to help you and once per year, we offer an awesome bundle of things we sell at a rock bottom price so that you can take advantage of some fabulous resources.

This bundle contains 83 eBooks and 24 audio mp3’s about different topics surrounding homeschooling. There is something for everyone, including the kids. There are planning materials, curriculum (some pretty awesome Pre-K curriculum, I might add), parenting resources, marriage encouragement, printables plus more.

Here are five reasons to get the Homeschool Omnibus Bundle:

1. The Price is Right

100 resources for just $25? Wow. There’s a reason we only offer this bundle once per year! ;) That’s only .25 per resource!

2. The Quality is Excellent

You’re not just getting subpar content here. These resources are written, created, and put together by blogging homeschool moms who listen to the needs of their readers and create products based on those needs. These are not poor quality resources. They were created with YOU and YOUR needs in mind.

3. The Writers are Experienced

We aren’t talking about someone writing a book based on theory or what was known 20 years ago. These are on-the-job homeschooling moms writing what is currently working, in the here-and-now. The material is new and fresh. In fact, this years bundle contains 83 BRAND NEW titles that were not in previous Omnibus bundles.

4.  Homeschool Moms Need Encouragement

Let’s face it, homeschooling is HARD. It just is. This bundle is jam-packed with encouragement and direction, and who doesn’t need that? Do you need help with time management? We have you covered. How about an art curriculum in chalk pastels? That’s in there, too. In need of a planner? There are several to choose from.

5. See Number One

I know, that’s only 4, but I cannot stress enough what an incredible deal it is to receive over 100 resources for only $25. That’s about .25 per resource. Twenty-five cents! Some of us have spent months and months working on these resources — because let’s face it, writing or creating something of excellent quality takes time when you’re homeschooling!

The sale ends Sunday. I do not promote something unless I 100% believe in it.

Some fine print before you proceed:

> The deadline for refunds is September 5.

>Positively no refunds will be given if the file host shows that you have downloaded any files.

>The ebooks will only be available until September 25, please do not delay in downloading them. See the FAQ or contact iHomeschool Network  for more information.

>DVDs can be purchased until September 20.


August Prayer Calendar for Moms

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The August Prayer Calendar is ready to go!

I am just putting the finishing touches on my weekly Newsletter and it will go out. If you are interested in getting this months calendar, you can subscribe here.

You will also have the opportunity to download past calendars and receive future calendars. If you’re already subscribed, go to the bottom of the email to find the special link. If you subscribe after my newsletter goes out today, the link will be available in the next email you receive from me.

I hope you find these helpful as you grow in your walk with the Lord.

Free Prayer Calendar for Moms

A Preschool Journey Curriculum on Sale – Just $3.50

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I just wanted to quickly let you know about this wonderful sale going on. I got this preschool curriculum, The Preschool Journey, last year and it is a full curriculum, including :

* Detailed explanation of what should be covered in preschool

* Ideas on how to set up and organize your preschool at home, as well as how to schedule your day

* Curriculum for an entire preschool year (for ages 2.5-5)

* 26 weeks of lesson plans centered around alphabet letters. The plans include an alphabet letter craft, games, hands-on activities, and a list of books to read with each letter

* 50 pages of printables to use with these play-based learning activities.

This sale is only good through August 11 so snag this steal while you can. Be sure to use code: SUMMER14

Back to School Survival Guide

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Back to School Survival Guide

I know not everyone homeschools and although I do, this guide can still be adapted to me as a homeschool mom. And let me tell you, it’s already giving me some very clear direction for our upcoming year.

There are parts of our days that are devoted to formal lessons, just like they have in public schools. Some discipline in learning is required, in my opinion and in my home.  I promise that if I didn’t set aside a time for my children to learn math, they would never learn it!

Back to School Survival Guide

Back to School Survival Guide

Here are the items included in the Back 2 School Survival Guide:

  • Back 2 School Survival Guide eBook
  • Student Planner
  • Master Family Planner
  • Routines
  • School Information Sheet
  • Schedule Adjustment Worksheet
  • Countdown Maze
  • My Favorite Worksheet
  • Grocery Planner
  • Family Fun Worksheet
  • Family Meeting Agenda
  • School Goals Worksheet
  • Classmate Contact Sheet
  • Important Dates At-A-Glance
  • Lunchbox Notes
  • Note to Teacher

Each of these are explained in the packs’ Introduction & Instructions.

Back to School Survival Guide


Here’s a sneak peek into some of the goodies included in this survival guide:



 Use code BACK14  to save $2 until 8-15-2014!

10 Reasons You Should Go to the Great Homeschool Convention in California

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Great Homeschool Conventions California

This is a sponsored post, which means I’ve been compensated for my time. You should know I wouldn’t share anything in this space I didn’t believe in.

10 Reasons to Attend Great Homeschool Conventions in California

1. Discounted hotel rates of $89 and $99.

That’s right. The Double Tree by Hilton is offering $99 per night.

2. Free parking (say what?!)

Free parking available at surrounding hotels for guests.

3. It has the largest Homeschool Curriculum Exhibit Hall in California

We’re talking hundreds of exhibitors.

4. Heidi St. John will be speaking.

Need I say more?

5. So will Matt Walsh.

6. Family Comedy Night with Bob Smiley

This guy is funny. If you’ve never heard him, his voice alone will give you a laugh.

7. Teen Track

 Real Faith for the Real World. Our teens need to be encouraged to carry their faith with them and own it.

8. Children’s Program

A way for children to learn more about God in a fun, dynamic setting.

9. Hundreds of Workshops Packed With Info

Have you seen this list?!

10. Audio CDs will be Available For Sale at the Convention {only} for Workshops You Can’t Make

Holla! Wisdom to learn all year long? Yes, please!

There’s still time to register! Click the button below.

GHC | 250 x 100

Great Homeschool Conventions 2015


Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, Only $2.99 on Kindle

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For a limited time, you can get Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine, for only $2.99 on the Kindle. I cannot tell you enough how great this book is. I talked about it here. Grab it while you can–ends Saturday. This is an incredible price.

{Reading in an email? Click here}.

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

3 Benefits of Online Homeschool Programs

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3 Benefits of Online Homeschool Programs

I received free access to a Student Learning Lab by Bridgeway Homeschool Academy and was compensated for my time in exchange for this honest review.

Homeschooling Online

I held out for a very long time on doing online learning. I always felt like it was my duty, as a homeschooling parent, to shoulder the responsibility of my children’s education. And while that is true, that does not mean I am required {or even capable of} teaching every single subject on my own. I used to think that if I couldn’t teach everything by myself, I wasn’t a good homeschool mom; I wasn’t doing my job. Furthermore, I felt like I would be missing out by allowing them to learn from someone else or through a different means. But the truth is, they were missing out on expanding their learning horizons.

I have found several benefits of online homeschooling programs.

Online Homeschooling Programs:

  • Give both my child and I a break. I know that may sound rash at first, but having someone else teach a subject, even if it’s only once a week, has been so beneficial for both of us. He has the opportunity to learn from someone else and be challenged in new ways and I have the opportunity to work with another child more closely. It’s a win-win.
  • Allow my children to keep learning when life gets busy. My son and I happened to do this review of the Bridgeway Homeschool Academy Student Learning Lab right in the middle of a move. While we weren’t perfect about being at every live class, my son was able to watch what he missed through the recorded classes later.
  • Have helped my children take ownership of their learning. While there is still some work to be done in this regard, I have observed my children taking the initiative in their online courses (my eldest daughter is also taking a course). I think there are times working away from a parent can be beneficial and this is one reason why. I still remained involved in his online learning; helping him understand and complete assignments.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy


What I liked about Bridgeway Homeschool Academy:

  • Communication was excellent. If I had any questions, they were answered within 24 hours. The correspondence was very friendly and helpful.
  • The attentiveness of the instructor. My son’s course had about 10 other children within the interface and the instructor was very courteous and personal with each child there.
  • The classroom interface was engaging and interactive. They used music, maps, powerpoint, video, text, voice chat, and a collective “whiteboard” for brainstorming ideas.
  • Though the class had a wide age range of students, the instructor was accommodating to the level of each child in regards to their assignments. She gave my son great feedback on his work.

Reading Ancient Greece

My son really enjoyed the class and would like to participate in another in the future. He’s still deciding on which one.

Think this is something you and your child could benefit from? I encourage you to sign up for a Live Student Lab.  Bridgeway Homeschooling Academy is also offering a $20 off coupon. {See below}

You can also get a free learning and personality style assessment (valued at $39.95). Once complete, you will receive an individual profile filled with strategies to set your child up for lifelong success. Get yours here.

Follow Bridgeway Homeschool Academy on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Plus.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy

Moms Summer Survival Calendar

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Summer Survival Calendar 2014
It’s here! The Confident Mom’s Summer Survival Calendar! Woot!

What is this summer calendar? Summer can kick off with a bang, but quickly become grounds for boredom for kids. Rather then flipping on the TV or increasing screen time, allow the Summer Survival Calendar to keep your kids engaged and happy all summer long. For real. This is such a great opportunity to build that family time.

I loved my calendar from last year!

Susan offers 4 months of fun adventures and this year she’s included supply checklists.

There are over 120 activities to increase family time and minimize boredom. These activities are new every year, so if you purchased last years calendar, this year features all new sorts of fun.

What kind of fun are we talking about?

  • Making marshmallow sculptures
  • Baking cookie bars
  • DIY candles
  • Indoor olympics
  • Learn to juggle
  • plus dozens more!

In addition, Susan offers clickable resources such as instructions, photos, or recipes on the calendar days. You can print one to hang up and keep a PDF copy on your computer to click those links.

I cannot recommend this tool for moms enough. It is such a gift to you and your children — and it takes the guess work out of “what should we do” and allows you to focus on just doing it.

The calendar begins in May so if you’re interested, you don’t want to wait too long to grab it so you can start right away and not miss any fun.

This is way more than a survival tool — it helps you create a thriving summer.

Grab yours here


Keefer Style Creations {a jewelry giveaway}

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Keefer Style Creations - personalized, hand-stamped jewelry

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a wonderful woman who makes beautiful, hand-stamped jewelry. Her name is Lisa and I became acquainted with her through the adoption world.

When we became Facebook and Instagram friends, I began to notice the beautiful jewelry creations by her sharing pictures. One of them particularly grabbed my attention and I snagged it up quick.

This piece is near to my heart because of what it represents — our girls who still remain in Africa. We have been working for 18 months to bring them home.

Keefer Style Creations

Lisa doesn’t only make jewelry for adoptive parents though. I love that, because she has been through the adoption process, she understands the heart and difficulties behind it. This reflects in some of her pieces, including this one.

But there are many ways she can personalize pieces. They are definitely NOT limited to adoption.

Baby Feet Keefer Style Creations Guatamala Bracelet Keefer Style Creations 3 Circle Open Washer Keefer Style Creations Jeremiah 29-11 Keefer Style Creations

These are just a few of the hundreds of pieces Lisa has created. And she makes each one to order. So you choose what you want stamped on them.

Check out her store at Keefer Style Creations to see more. Trust me.


Lisa has graciously offered a $60 credit to one winner. Enter below (click here if you’re reading in an email)

a Rafflecopter giveaway