HUGE Changes for Joyful Mothering

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It’s been on my heart and mind for a while and I finally know it’s time.

The Beginning of Joyful Mothering

You see, when I started Joyful Mothering back in 2010, I was just about to have my fifth child in eight years. I had been a pregnant or nursing mama for many months straight and it drained me during that season of my life. I was hormonal and exhausted all.the.time.

Leaving the house was a huge chore for me, so I left as little as possible unless my husband accompanied me. I struggled through some postpartum depression but I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it.

I changed diapers for 12 straight years; having 3 in diapers at once at some point. I was so busy and needed a safe outlet to be in community without actually needing to leave the house.

I had everything I ever wanted but I struggled to find joy. Thus, Joyful Mothering was birthed through that search. I needed a place to have accountability and a place to grow and release my feelings and thoughts.

As I began to come out of being a mother who birthed and breastfed babies, I began to see the sun again. It wasn’t that I was unhappy, it’s that I was hormonal. Lack of sleep and having your hormones completely out of balance can make a huge difference in one’s quality of life. I never took medications for it, though my doctor offered. I don’t believe it was so bad it warranted medication. I just struggled to function past survival mode.

Another Journey

When my youngest turned 2, we began the adoption process of our two daughters.  The stress and uncertainty involved in 18 months out of the 24 months it took to complete this process were almost just as bad as being hormonal. It was tough.

Our girls have now been home 4 months and they are adjusting very well. 

I have entered a new season of motherhood and life. I am no longer so focused on doing everything perfectly (a symptom of PPD); rather I am excited to get out in the world and teach my children about life and possibilities.

I’ve also learned that it’s OK to have more to me than being a mother. I am many things and I am not selfish for pursuing those things. I have also learned that moms can turn their children into idols unknowingly. While our children certainly require plenty of love and nurture, they also need space to grow independently when the time is right. And I cannot only look at life through the lens of motherhood alone. I have a husband and I have other parts of me in need of growth; not just who I am as a mother.

And some of this stuff I really needed to know during that season of my life.

So, what does all this have to do with the changes of Joyful Mothering?

Growing Out of, And Into

Well, I kind of feel like I’ve just grown out of this label; this brand. I don’t want to be seen as someone who has to constantly produce attributes having to do with joy, or even motherhood all the time. And I don’t like labels. Because there is more to me than both those things. And I am not a brand. I am a person. (Thank you Sophie Hudson).

So where does that leave me? Where does that leave this space?

As the new year approaches, I am going to be morphing this space into who I really am: Me.

And who am I?

I am a daughter of the most high God, so intimately He knows me by name, knows the hairs on my head, and knows the deepest parts of me.

I am wife to an amazing man, who has supported me in just being me and as a result has helped me grow into a better me; one who wants to reflect Christ.

I am mother to seven incredible children. A gift I don’t deserve and a role that I will never perfect. But everyday as I seek Him and hand their lives over to Him, He is shaping me and helping me shape them.

I am a writer. I am so much a writer that I’d rather text or email than talk on the phone. And writing is something I would like to pursue further, in more depth. I want to grow as a writer as I grow as a mother and in other areas of my life.

Joyful Mothering is getting a name change to: Christin Slade.

What the Future Holds

Because that’s who I am and there is only one of me and the only thing I need to grow into is who God molds me to be. I will no longer be narrowly focused on just learning to be a joyful mother.

So, what will I write about? The topics I write about won’t change, but their focus will. And my goal is still to serve you. I will simply serve you as fully me. Not just as a mother, but the whole of me, as a writer, a wife, and one who desperately longs for Christ.

I will continue to write about:

  • motherhood
  • homeschooling
  • homemaking
  • spiritual growth

But I will also being adding more:

  • marriage
  • writing
  • work at home mom
  • adoption

The latter list won’t fill my calendar, but they will be consistent additions.

Everything will be moved on my end, and really, you don’t have to do a thing. You won’t need to resubscribe or anything. Come January 1st, you will automatically land in my new space, (yep, it’s already live and kicking). Right now it is solely my writing blog, but I am merging everything into one and giving it a face lift.

There is only one little thing you will need to do if you’re on Facebook, and that’s simply to “Like” the new page there. Easy peasy, you can click below.


I am so very excited about this new chapter and hope you will be, too. I feel like I’m stretching out my arms and waking up again.

I have other fun things to share with you that will be unfolding in the new year, but I think this is enough news for one day. ;)

Tomorrow I will be back with the Moms in the Word study on Psalm 37. I hope you’ll join me! Get your posts ready to link up. :)

How Many Followers Are Enough?

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How Many Followers Are Enough

A Little of My Story

I remember about five years ago I was hooked to a blogger who seemed to speak directly to me. I followed her for quite a while and she moved from Blogger to WordPress and her following grew.

When I first happened upon her blog, she had about 200 subscribers. As I watched her grow I tried to mimic her methods. Every time I would hit 100 subscribers more, it was exciting! I hit another milestone! But as I continued to watch her blog grow, it grew exponentially compared to mine and before I knew it she had 4000 subscribers and I was hovering around 500. I thought I would never catch up. But, catch up I did.

But by the time I hit 4000 subscribers, she was at 10,000.

So I asked myself, how many followers are enough? What is this really about anyways? A game? A race? A competition?

It really made me rethink my goals as a blogger, because if I kept up this unhealthy pace, I was never going to be satisfied. It’s not hard to get sucked into the numbers game, especially when you’re trying to build a business or write a book. Sometimes, it becomes our sole focus and we fail to see there are faces behind each of these followers. They aren’t just numbers; they are people.

Turn Your Followers Into Faces

Imagine this: take the number of subscribers you have, whether it’s 5 or 5,000 and place them into a room as people. You’re at the front as if you’re going to speak. It could be a small group, it could be a large convention, depending on where your subscriber count falls.

But look out into that room and see, there are people there who are listening to you. Let’s focus on the small group because that’s where so many bloggers are. Are the people in this group any less important than those at a large convention? They each have a story and they’ve come to your house (blog) to hear what you have to say; to see how you can pour into their lives and encourage them. They have given you permission to speak into their lives. This is HUGE friends. What a gift to be honored with!

What are we going to do with that? Are we going to look over their heads, waiting to see if more people will come through the door and as a result offer little of ourselves because we’re too distracted waiting for more people? I wonder, what do those in the room feel when we overlook them because they aren’t enough? When we focus on numbers, we miss the point. I’ve been there and chasing numbers will leave you constantly unfulfilled and dissatisfied; because it will never be enough.

Focus on your subscribers, those little Avatars or pen names, as people. Because there is someone behind that computer reading what you have to say, because for them, it matters.


We need to see subscribers as souls, not stats.



It’s the best thing I could have learned about blogging and the blogging community.

So, 31 Days Was a Bust

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Joyful Mothering New Season
I had good intentions, I really did. But real life took over and I’m sorry…but I’m not sorry. As much as I love writing and sharing our day to day with you, I enjoy living it even more. And honestly, I did get some ideas for posts that I look forward to writing!

But writing everyday became a burden rather than a discipline to enjoy. That’s not what I want. I can’t thank you enough for rolling with me and for your grace. I hope that the small picture I provided was a decent glimpse into our lives and I will continue to share some of our days sporadically.

As a mom who has come out of being pregnant or nursing for 12 years, I feel like I’m entering a new season. (And the adoption process is very much a pregnancy; more like a high-risk pregnancy due to all the uncertainties involved and instead of lasting 9 months, the stressful process of it all lasted 18 months).

So here we are, stress levels down, hormone levels down and I feel like a new woman ready for adventure!

I don’t want to forget how hard being pregnant and having a baby and other littles underfoot is because moms, it is HARD. I had a hard time ever wanting to even leave the house just because it felt SO overwhelming. And leaving for myself? I felt overwhelming guilty. I think part of that is just hormones taking over and amplifying everything.

Now I am in a place where I’m getting off the couch, going to the gym in the evenings when my husband gets home and having lots of energy to take care of my family.

And I won’t lie: the computer was a source of comfort and at times escape for me during this time. Do I have regrets about that? Not really because I was still home and available to my children and I was in a place of feeling desperate and in need of a community that felt “safe”, but kept at a distance…know what I mean? I think the thing that may have been neglected the most was the house. And my husband is awesome and never pushed me to clean or made comments about it. He had a few pet peeves I tried to keep up with, but he has always been an amazing support to me.

Do you remember MSN groups? Oh how I was sucked into those! I even started my own group and ran my own community for moms. Sometimes there was so much drama involved from differing opinions that it exhausted me and eventually I gave it up. That’s when I found blogging…way back in 2005 (though I know blogs were around well before then). That’s when I started writing for myself — before I actually knew the powerful potential of the blogging community.

Now, 9 years and 5 blogs later, here I am, at Joyful Mothering. My season of motherhood has changed dramatically since I first began, going from two children to now seven children, two of whom are adopted. Naturally the dynamic of my blogging is going to change, too. How many times can I share the same information about how we do devotions and our morning routine, though?

What is it moms need? When I browse blogs as a mom, what do I look for?

Today I, personally, look for a challenge. I want to be stretched farther and pushed beyond my own limitations. And lately, I have found very little of that among my browsing. Instead I find posts on complacency and being content where we are and I think for some seasons, this is necessary. But complacency on the outside is really a battle on the inside. Sometimes all we can do is hold on and soak in—I get that, because I’ve been there and I want to speak from that place and offer encouragement to moms who are just tired; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Moms who are too exhausted to take on more than merely getting through the day because that’s simply the season you are in. Moms who need to hear that it’s OK to be tired and that you’re not fighting that internal battle alone.

But not all moms are in the same season–not all moms are exhausted (and I totally appreciate the ones who are). Some moms are in different seasons and need that boost for growing into the next level. This is where I am. I’m ready for some new challenges and I want to invite you along for the ride.

And if you’re exhausted, you will not be left out! As a mom on the other side of exhaustion (at least for now), I want to be the one who pours into you. I want to be someone who understands and encourages you — someone I needed when I was in that place.

I am excited for 2015 because I have some wonderful things in the works and I want you to be in on the planning. So I need your voice to help me.

I have a short poll here that will help me serve you better. It will only take about 20 seconds to complete. What would you like to see me writing more about?  Choose all that would apply to you and even add your own suggestion.

To take the poll: CLICK HERE

I am looking forward to some new adventures — and a new design in this space. Are you with me? :)

Guest Posting 101

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Guest Posting 101

Why Guest Post?

Before getting into the “how’s” of guest posting, it’s important to understand what the purpose of guest posting is.

There are several reasons to guest post, but this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list.

Expand Your Horizons

This allows you to write in a different niche then you normally would, should you choose to do so. It also challenges you to move outside your own scope of community.

Extend Your Reach

Reach more people by writing outside your own readership. There are a lot of people still out there who simply doesn’t know your blog exists. This is your chance to enlighten them!

Expose Your Writing

Get your writing in front of more people. Especially is you’re hoping to publish in the future, you want your writing to travel.

How to Guest Post

Many people get stuck with not knowing how to guest post. It’s really quite simple.

Email a potential blogger that you’d be interested in guest posting for. It doesn’t matter how “big” you think they are. You might be surprised at how many actually welcome guest posts.

When you email the blogger, offer them a few suggestions of what you would like to write about. Always offer up fresh, new content. Do not copy an old post and email it over. If you’re interested in sharing an idea you have previously written on, reinvent the content and freshen it up. Perhaps you could write it from a different angle or perspective.

Always offer up your best writing. This is the one chance you have to offer a first impression to a whole new audience of readers. Make it count.

Guest Posting Etiquette

There are a few “unspoken” rules on guest posting you’ll want to know.

If the blogger you’re guest posting for sends you guest posting guidelines, be sure to follow them. If they don’t offer any, ask. Ask if there is a word count they’d like you to adhere to.

Study the blogger’s blog a little bit and the formatting of their posts. You’ll want yours to look similar so it fits in with her blog style. That doesn’t mean to make your writing style match. I’m speaking strictly in terms of formatting here.

Never use affiliate links in a guest post without first asking if it is okay. This is very bad etiquette that you do not want to fall into.

Be mindful of the blogger’s audience. If a blog is read by mainly stay at home moms, you don’t want to write a piece about working moms, just as an example. You want to be sure your content fits the readership or people will lose interest.

Where to Guest Post

Here are a few places that accept guest posts to get you started:

Allume – the Allume blog is an extension of the Allume Conference. “Our goal at Allume is to minister to the woman, the blogger, the story teller. We want to love well, encourage, and spur women on to shine the Light that lives within them.” You can email Christin (yep, that’s me) at christin @ allume dot com and request a copy of the guest posting guidelines.

I’m An Organizing Junkie – Laura loves to share people’s success stories with organizing. You can find her guidelines for other guest posting ideas here.

Joyful Mothering – This is my mothering blog where I accept guest posts on motherhood as well as marriage, homeschooling, devotions, discipleship, etc. You can find my guidelines here.

The Frugal Girls – This is a site about frugality, obviously. :) But they don’t only accept guest posts on frugality, but also DIY project tutorials, party ideas, wedding tips and more. You can find their guidelines here.

Money Saving Mom – Similar to The Frugal Girls, Crystal loves to share others’ stories on how they’ve saved money. There are various ways to do this. Guest posting guidelines are here.

(in)courage – (in)courage is home for the hearts of women. It’s a great place to share your testimony or what God is doing in your life and how others can learn from it or be encouraged by it. They are very flexible with their terms, but you can read more on their submission policy here.

MOB Society – Are you a boy mom? Maybe you’d like to write about your experience at the Moms of Boys Society? There is really no shortage of things to write about when you’re a boy mom (or a girl mom, for that matter!) Submission policy can be found here.

Do you know of other blogs that take guest posts? Share them in the comments!


My Sources of Income

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Last week I shared why people should make money from blogging. It’s purpose was two-fold: to let readers know making money from blogging isn’t bad and can actually be used as part of ministry, and to let bloggers know making money from blogging isn’t bad and why they should do it, too.

Promote Products You Endorse

Before I get into where my source of income generates from, I want to make it a point to share it’s important you only represent companies and products you truly believe in. I have been on blogs that have had a disclaimer state that “the representation of a company or product does not equal an endorsement.”

If you don’t believe in what you’re promoting, forgive me, but you’re going to lose your own credibility in offering products or company promotions. Why promote something you don’t endorse? Think about what’s more important here. Yes, we want to make money, but not at the expense of our credibility for products and companies we don’t truly believe in. So, my advice is not to promote something you don’t endorse. You want your readers to trust you and what you’re offering them.

My Income Stream

  1. Virtual Assistant Work – I currently have 3 clients I work for. Two are permanent (or long term) and one is temporary (or short term). There was a time I had upwards of 7 clients and I could no longer juggle them all with the new adjustments of adoption looming. So, my income actually took quite a hit when I let go of some of my VA work. 
  2. Blog Consulting – I am still offering blog consults and critiques as I really enjoy helping other bloggers refine and define their vision for blogging and help them make goals to aim high. While I offer a broad range of topics here on the blog (FREE), I also offer more personal, one-on-one help at a very affordable rate. For those who are serious about blogging and taking it to the next level, a blog consult can be a great investment. Bloggers I’ve previously worked with would agree.
  3. Affiliates – These do require regular work to continuously bring in revenue and honestly, sometimes I don’t want to over promote products, so I just let the chips fall where they may. My biggest revenue from a single affilate comes from Amazon, and they are probably the smallest percentage of pay out of all the ones I use. But, because it’s the most widely used site, more people are apt to buy from it. So, when I promote  books, I use  affiliate links. And I love books, so I promote them a lot! It’s not hard, because I only promote books I love and buy (or want to buy). But Amazon goes well beyond books!
    There are a lot of affiliate programs out there!
  4. Private Ads – These are ads for specific companies, authors, and products that I work with. These types of ads largely depend on my blog stats. When my blog was “younger”, I did a LOT of book reviews in exchange for free books. But it started to get really time consuming and as my readership grew, so did the time it took to interact. I set aside book reviews for connecting. I still promote books, but instead I allow the author to offer a guest post and/or giveaway. I will promote the book (after reading some or all of it) through Facebook and Twitter. Because I no longer do free reviews, though, there are a lot less book reviews as many publishers do not see paying bloggers a great return on investment (which I can understad in a sense). Some bloggers charge $25+ for book reviews and if you want a lot of influential bloggers doing reviews, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. I have also most recently begun offering blog ad buttons and eBook ads for only $10 per month for my fellow bloggers.
  5. eBooks – I published my first eBook last month and am now working on my second. Now, my second one is going to be free for Joyful Mothering subscribers. It’s a devotional for moms who specifically struggle with keeping a calm tone when they become frustrated with their children. In addition, I have two other eBook ideas swirling in my head that will be offered for sale after that.

These are just the ways that I generate income and I have a few other ideas swirling in my head that will probably not come to fruition until next year. These certainly aren’t the only ways. You need to tap into your own gifts and passions and figure out what would be a good fit for you and your blog.

I am naturally bent at writing, administrative work, teaching, and encouraging others. So I used those accordingly and will continue to find new ways to utilize them.

How can you generate an income from your blog, using your own gifts/talents?

Why Make Money From Blogging?

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Why Make Money

I know that some people are very skeptical of others using their blog to make money and will even go to lengths to avoid such blogs. I understand how this can be a turn off, but I’d love to enlighten you to a little background on myself and why I’ve chosen to monetize my blog, Joyful Mothering, and will eventually this one, too.

Hear me out on this, K? :)

I cannot speak for every blogger on this matter because everyone will have their own goals or needs in mind. Everyone has their own reasons for monetizing their blogs. Some are personal while others are more open. Every reader has the right to leave any blog they do not want to read or support based on monetization.

I like to have an open policy on where the money is going. Not because I feel like you deserve rights to know, so to speak. But because I believe it is part of the ministry work I do as a whole. Making money is part of the ministry God has given me.

If someone makes money from their blog for the purposes of supplementing their family’s income, that is part of a ministry. Their family is their ministry and it costs money to eat and be sheltered and clothed, right?

The income I generate from my blogs and virtual assistant work has a variety of uses, but none are necessarily to supplement our current income.

I have small business expenses, such as domain name and hosting, PicMonkey, and buying credits from Fotolia for photos.

I also pay for one of the children we sponsor from Compassion International.

Outside of that, I buy homeschooling materials for my children, sometimes books for myself to feed my brain, the rest is used in some way for missionary work.

I have supported organizations such as The Mercy House and Amazima Ministries.

Most recently, all of my extra funds have been to help fund adoption travel costs to help bring our sweet girls home from Ghana.

And can I tell you? There is a link to income blessings and using money wisely. There was a short season when I got too excited about the extra funds I was generating and used them for nothing more than selfish gain. When I did this, the funds began to dry up. Opportunities weren’t presenting themselves like they were.

Friends, it’s easy to fall into the trap of hoarding and using money for selfish gain. That doesn’t mean you can never buy things for yourself. But what I found is I was always buying things for myself; and it still left me unfulfilled. But when I officially committed my income to God, to use as he pleases, my work flourished and prospered.

So, if you’re someone who is interested in monetizing your blog or skeptical of those who do, the first question you should probably ask yourself is why? It’s none of my business, of course. But, be about the Father’s business so His blessings will follow you, that you may bless others.

If you need to bring in extra money to help with the bills at home, that is most certainly a ministry! Be wise with your earnings.

If you don’t, you could commit to helping fund projects in 3rd world countries or sponsoring a child, God’s blessings will follow you. You could help another family who’s struggling to make ends meet in your church. There are endless needs surrounding us. You could be the hands and feet of Jesus.

You have an opportunity many don’t have–and potential to get there yet.

But I dare say, when we don’t stick to our word, the money will not follow. Making money from blogging is most certainly a ministry when the funds are used and honored by God, and that is determined by only God, as He speaks to you.

Next week I’ll share my sources of income.

Blog at Home Mom eBook Available!

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Blog at Home Mom is now available!!! ALL profits from this eBook go to help us bring our girls home. Our first trip is happening SOON and we will be going to court to make them legally ours. But the second trip still needs to be funded and we pray this eBook will help with that. So please know, when you purchase this eBook, you’re helping to bring our girls home! *Thank you*!


Get your PDF copy hereAdd to Cart


Get it for the Kindle here. Get it for the Nook here!



 This ebook is packed with fantastic, practical ideas and encouragement for those of you wondering if it’s possible to do both the mothering thing and the blogging thing at the same time.

From experience, Christin knows that being a mom and a blogger and doing both well requires intention, commitment, discipline, and focus. In the pages that follow, she’ll give you tools, tips, and suggestions so you can find exhilaration — not exhaustion — from both.

-Crystal Paine,


Writing doesn’t have to take away from family life. Instead, it can add to it, ushering in new experiences and opportunities to serve the Kingdom of God we might never have had otherwise. I’ve decided to be an all-in mother AND an all-in writer thanks to Blog at Home Mom. It empowered me to believe that my calling as a writer is important to me and my family, and inspired me to get more organized for them both. 

-Brooke McGlothlin, co-author of Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess, and co-founder of the MOB Society, an online community for mothers of boys. 


Chapter 1: Set Goals and Have a Plan
Know what to do and how to get there

Chapter 2: Organize Your Days
Know what to do and when to do it

Chapter 3: Prioritize Your Tasks
Put your most important duties and details in order

Chapter 4: The Power of a Schedule
Make the most of your time by giving it purpose

Chapter 5: Stay Consistent to Keep Balance
Knowing the needs is key to knowing balance

Chapter 6: Make the Most of Your Time
Learn to make the minutes count

Chapter 7: Care for Your Marriage
Be intentional about keeping your man in the loop

Chapter 8: Care for Your Spiritual Walk
Everything flows from this vital point


Get your PDF copy hereAdd to Cart


Get it for the Kindle here. Get it for the Nook here!


Balancing Blogging and Motherhood – My eBook Is Now Available!

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As a mother who has writing in her DNA, for a long time I struggled with accepting the reality that writing was OK in conjunction with being a mother. Sounds a bit silly to think that we can’t mother and pursue the passion God has planted in us. God has purpose behind our passions–sometimes the hard part is merely tapping into what that purpose is.

But how can we balance pursuing this passion while in the thick of motherhood?

Blog at Home 3D 500


This is something that I have learned through trial and error–and still continue to refine and learn as my family grows and my season of motherhood changes. At the time of this post, we are in the middle of adopting two sweet girls from Ghana, and their homecoming will certainly add a new dimension to motherhood, thus changing my dynamic for writing.

I have heard many, many moms state how much they would like to blog or write, but simply don’t have the time with caring for the many needs of their children. I certainly do not undermine or minimize the great needs of caring for our children, instead I offer some practical tips and encouragement for how you can do both motherhood and blogging well.

Blog With Integrity Pin


Blog at Home Mom was a refreshing and encouraging read for this blogging mama of 5. It was just the right balance of help and simplicity that left me feeling empowered to do mothering, life, and blogging well. You will love Christin’s winsome writing style and her no-nonsense approach to melding blogging and mothering. I highly recommend this book!

- Joy Forney,

“When you create a habit of writing prior to the day you post, you decrease the stress of trying to get a post up the day of.” #BAHM @ChristinWrites <–Click To Tweet


“Writing should be considered kingdom work before anything else—even if the work is done on your own heart.” #BAHM @ChristinWrites <—Click to Tweet


“You cannot blog with integrity if you don’t have your priorities in order.” #BAHM @ChristinWrites <—Click to Tweet 


Get your PDF copy hereAdd to Cart


Get it for the Kindle here. Now available on the Nook–get it here!

100% of the profits from this eBook go directly to our adoption travel costs. We need to raise about $5000 to bring our girls home. So when you purchase this book, you are helping us get one step closer to our goal. *Thank you*!!

When Writing is a Challenge

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I find that my best writing is done when I have a solid topic already mapped out. Once I have a framework in place, it’s easy for me to fill in the details of each point. Without that map, I stare at my screen and struggle. The words I scrape together are not free-flowing but choppy.

When Writing is a Challenge

However, when I sketch out my ideas so I know where my train of thought is to go, I can easily get them down on paper (or screen), as one idea flows seamlessly into the next.

This is how it is when you make goals for your writing as well. You know what direction you’re headed in when you map out a plan. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to know ahead of time everything you’re going to write. It simply means you have an idea of where you want your writing to take you and what you need to do to get there.

You’ll know what you’re going to do next and it helps you prioritize your projects accordingly.

Without a plan your writing schedule will be choppy–your posting schedule on your blog will be choppy and that lack of consistency will cost you readers and growth, in all areas.

If you are hoping to publish a book someday (and it’s not as far out of reach as you may think), what steps would you need to start working toward that goal?

If you simply want to start a blog or expand your blogs reach, what would you do to get there? If you don’t know the steps, the first thing you might want to do, is a little research.

What do you need to grow a successful blog or become a successful writer? How do you define “success”? It may look different then the next person, but this is an important step if you want to set goals and steps to reach them.

Here are my goals for this year:

My Blogs

  • expand my reach by reaching further in
  • map out topics by month and week
  • focus on the needs of my current community

My Writing

  • launch my first eBook (Feb. 11th!)
  • write my second eBook (a freebie for Joyful Mothering subscribers)
  • map out my 3rd and 4th eBooks (already have solid ideas for them)
  • work on writing my 3rd and 4th eBooks
  • learn through reading and from others along the way
What is one thing you like to accomplish in your writing endeavors?


Moms Write Challenge Intro

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Go beyond what you think you’re capable of and aim for that. One of the biggest challenges people face, especially mothers who are in the throws of motherhood, is allowing themselves to pursue their passions.

I’m not saying to try to find more time to do more when that time honestly doesn’t exist. What I’m challenging you with is to do something you don’t think you can do. Something you may even think yourself unqualified to do. Brush up your knowledge and do it anyways! You might surprise yourself.

How about submitting a piece to a magazine?

Lead a small group.

Write an eBook

Start a blog!

It could even be as simple as journaling for 15 minutes each morning or evening. Sometimes just getting started with something can be the greatest challenge!

Give yourself permission to create.

That creating can be writing, or painting, or scrapping. For me, it’s writing. I imagine for many of you, it’s writing as well. If you enjoy something other than writing, simply replace when I speak of “writing” with whatever it is you are passionate about creating.

I would love to consistently put challenges out for us mom writers throughout the year. Nothing completely out there, but far reaching enough to stretch us to become better than what we believe of ourselves–because God is capable.

Next week I’ll post the first challenge. Before then, I want you to give yourself permission to pursue your passion. Give yourself permission to create