Bible Study for Moms – Part 3

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You can read part 1 & 2 here:

Part 1: Intro

Part 2: Shift Your Perspective

Useful Bible Study Tools

Today I want to share a couple Bible study tools that are helpful and useful for Bible study. While not necessary, they make studying the Bible more in depth, organized and focused, at least for me.

Since beginning the Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mama’s, I have obtained this new tool for Bible study.(Affiliate links are present within this post)

Bible Study Tools

It has really helped my colorful personality to have something fun to mark up my Bible with and make certain things really stand out to me. Before I purchased these, I tried using regular Crayola colored pencils and I really had to press hard to get them to show up. This can actually result in tearing pages in my Bible. So when I received the Prismacolor pencils in the mail, I was happy that the color was quite rich. I didn’t need to press real hard to get it to show up.

Well worth the little extra cost and since these are only used for Bible study purposes, they will last quite a while.

This Bible Study book itself is a tool. It helps me dig into the Word in a more focused manner; in ways I may not have thought of on my own.

Here’s what a typical day from the Bible Study for Busy Mama’s – Colossians 3, looks like:

Busy Mama's Bible StudyBible Study 1

Each day, you will read Colossians 3. Then you will re-read it looking for specific things in the passage. In this case, it’s making a list of all the things that we are to throw off as Christians. AllĀ negative commands.

Bible Study 2

This study I began before I had my colored pencils. So you can see I used regular pencil to square off the negative commands.

Bible Study 3

Spending time in God’s word helps me remember His truths on a regular basis. In addition, I feel a heart connection with Him. His presence stays with me, even when I’ve closed my Bible, in a much richer sense. I have a greater sense of peace, simply knowing I’m not alone, because reading His word reminds me of His promises.

Other tools include:






Bible Study for Moms Part 1 {Intro}

Bible Study for Moms Part 2 {Shift Your Perspective}



  1. Studying my Bible gives me strength. My faith is built up and I am able to be more of a blessing to others when I have something to give them.

  2. Laurie Bloom says:

    I have gotten away from a regular devotion/bible study. You are encouraging me to get started again. When I have done devotions in the past it was a great start to my day. Spending time with God is my way of staying in a personal relationship with Him. It helps through out the day to use what I study. Just staying connected day to day is all he ask.

  3. I LOVE Prismacolor pencils! I need to get them out and create more. I also love Pam Forster’s Instructions for Righteousness which is a regular reference book in our home for studying the Bible topically.

    I use to use colored pencils a bit when I did the Inductive Bible Study method with Kay Arthur, but, for some reason I found it laborious, which might seem strange for an artsy gal!

    I won’t be entering the giveaway, since I would rather see this go to someone with younger children, but still wanted to stop by and say hello!

  4. Spending time with God is the only way I can start my day. If I ever have a day where I do not do this, my day is totally off!! :) Devotions, bible reading, bible study…these are all done first thing in the morning for me!

    I love to mark up my bible and bible study books with pencils, especially colored pencils! They make it so much more interesting and easier to follow!!

    Thank you for your blog. It truly is an inspiration to me!! :)

  5. I’m enjoying this series, Christin! I find that starting my morning off with God helps me to be more patient throughout the day… Thanks for the opportunity to win the book. It looks great! :)

  6. Time in the word keeps the “world” at bay and helps bring me focus on what is true. When I take time to slow down and spend time in the word, it helps me to stop and listen better to what the Lord is saying. I don’t do it as much as I should…

  7. I like to take scripture and chew on it. Ask questions, pray it, sing it, re read it, ponder it, get it in my heart. I love Bible study.

  8. Kelly Tucci says:

    I would LOVE to do this Bible study! It is so important to me that I stay in the Word. I notice when I get too busy and put it off my whole day/week gets chaotic. I get cranky, I lose patience and sometimes have a hard time focusing on the day’s “to-do” list. This would be a great tool for me to start my day off focus on what’s TRULY important.

  9. Kelly McCoy says:

    As a new Christian, I just started reading the bible. From listening to suggestions from others I have set aside time in the morning before the children get up and I do my bible reading. I already notice the difference just in the past few months. I feel much more relaxed and grounded and “ready to take on the day”. Thanks! :)

  10. Reading the Bible daily reminds me who I am and helps to push the lies of this world away. I love The Lord more than anything and spending time in The Word is the only way to go.

  11. Christy Saffell says:

    When I’m I the Word, I am more focused on God’s will and direction for my life. I tend to loose sight of what He wants me to do when I’m not studying His word or praying.

  12. Tiffany says:

    I notice a huge difference in my attitude, outlook and vision for my life and my families lives, as well as a deeper richer love for God. Spending time for myself to grow deeper and fall in love with God more everyday…..when I lapse in my time with Him, I can see a difference in myself…..I need GOD all day everyday! Thanks for your blog and insight.

  13. Love to start my morning with coffee and The Word.

  14. Angela Robbins says:

    I find that for me there is a drastic difference in my mindset and attitude when I do and don’t set aside time with God. When I do, I am much more positive and at peace, but when I don’t I tend to be angrier and more negative. Which obviously greatly impacts everything and everyone around me.

  15. Setting time aside for God and His Word is very beneficial because it allows us to having our day go in the right direction. The right direction it needs to be going in. With it also comes the deepening relationship with Him further. We can also trust God even more so day to day. He comes with joy in what to teach us, and we are to be. Life becomes a deeper well of trust security and Life. He is the well that never runs dry henceforth we will not get thirsty with it.

  16. I really enjoy my morning time with God. I make it a point to get up before my 5 boys (thankfully I don’t have early risers!) I always like new Bible studies to add to my reading,

  17. Jessica LaPan says:

    Honestly it changes EVERYTHING about me. I am mor patient, kind, loving and flexible. Being pregnant with our third and having two under five in the house leaves me worn out and anything but Christ like. I’d love, love, love a new study tool. Sometimes we need a new approach to revive that which is missing.

  18. Setting aside time with God makes such a difference in my attitude and responses to things that happen throughout the day. It is such a wonderful reminder of His presence!

  19. Time in the word and in prayer allows me to set up my day for success. When I am focused on Him, my circumstances don’t change, but my perspective does.

  20. I have gotten away from my devotional time since going back to work and have noticed some attitude changes because of it. I very much enjoy the study so far esp since my newest baby has gotten very active and able to entertain himself so I can have some “quiet” time while the toddler sleeps in.

  21. Honestly I am new to getting more involved in my faith and am struggling to start something in depth for the first time. We do a 1 paragraph devotional before dinner that at times in my life feels like they were written just for me That makes me think about them and feel peace and loved in knowing God is speaking to ME through them.

  22. Christine says:

    Spending time with God helps me to have a much better outlook for the whole day. If I miss it, I really can tell. Blessings!

  23. Desiree says:

    After years of being a lukewarm Christian I finally realized that without being daily in the Word, studying, memorizing and prayer, I will never live life abundantly. I want to feel like I do every Sunday in church. I want to be that mom that shows the Fruits of the Spirit to my children. I want for people to look at me and say man that girl loves Jesus!
    I used to do my daily time after I put my kids on the bus but now that summer is here, I strayed a bit. I am trying and determined to schedule time out for my quiet time with God daily

  24. Rachel A says:

    I feel like my day goes much better when I’ve started it by spending time with God. He always gives me a needed change in perspective.

  25. I have to make time (even if it’s just 5 min) in the morning, before I can start my day. It gives me focus and something to remember throughout the day while doing my best to rear 4 boys!! This study looks great!!

  26. Diving into Gods word in the morning allows my day to be handled with grace and love… It allows me more strength to answer my kids in loving ways to handle mistakes and annoyances with grace. It helps me to have an overall better attitude throughout the day. It helps me be more calm as well! When I have gotten out of the habit I am much less patient, and dot always speak the truth in as mug love as it should be spoken ;)

  27. Kris Bush says:

    This seems like a pretty cool study. For me a few minutes of alone time with the Lord has the effect of calming me and giving me some perspective when I need it.

  28. Melanie says:

    Making time to spend with God everyday is imperative. Spending time with Someone who LOVES me more than I could ever comprehend helps me to be calm throughout the day. I love learning about my Jesus, my Savior. I say that I wouldn’t go a day without speaking to my husband, why should I go a day without speaking to my God?
    On a practical note, my husband has noticed that my temper shows itself less often and {usually} with less intensity since I have been having a daily quiet time. I believe this is the work of the Holy Spirit in me. Because I’m daily giving Him the chance to clean up my heart just a little bit more.

  29. It has been a challenge for me to start my day
    In the word. I seem to get to it in the evening.
    It is my goal to try to have my quiet time in the
    Morning because I do see a difference in how
    I respond to my children and others throughout
    The day. I know when I take time to focus on the
    Word I am more patient and loving to my family.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. The bible study
    Looks wonderful!

  30. I do my best to have uninterrupted time with the Lord each day. If I miss it, it really changes my attitude and how my day flows. With four littles (7 and under), it’s really important for me to spend time in the word, refreshing my soul and setting the tone for my day. Not only that, when my kids see me spending time with the Lord, they know it is important. We’ve recently started our own “Bible Time” each morning after breakfast; the kids really look forward to hearing God’s word and we’ve had some really interesting discussions! This book looks amazing – thanks for the chance to win – and thank you for sharing you life with all of us readers! Prayers to you and your family!

  31. Jacqueline says:

    When I intentionally decide to wake up hours earlier than my husband and three toddlers, and the house is silent and I intentionally leave the toys on the floor and the dirty dishes in the sink, I admit, it is hard to do that, but when I kneel down and just cry out to Abba I feel closer than any other time of my day. I find the overflow of peace is in my heart and I do not feel grumpy or cry over spilled milk. I find that instead of wanting to freak out and get frustrated over 1, 3 and 5 year olds’ messes and yelling, I find myself calm and clear headed. Like this morning I didn’t wake up till my husband was already awake and barely at 9 am now, I am sluggish and tired as I’m trying to journal and do my Bible reading. Alone time with Abba definitely beats this!!

    • Kari Rodrigues says:

      Agreed. I find it incredibly hard to not clean the house or wash the dishes b/c it seems like the opportune time since everybody’s asleep, but although perhaps not as immediately evident, that time in the Word has far greater benefits.

    • Kari Rodrigues says:

      Perhaps your comment resonated w/ me b/c mine are 8 months, 2 and 4 – same age differences -and grumpiness (murmuring) is one of my greatest weaknesses. Thanks for the reminder.

      And thank you, Christin, for being transparent about God’s work of sanctification in your life. May He receive much glory as a result.

  32. I have in recent months let go of my Bible study daily, however, I am making it a priority. When I spend time in God’s word it helps me focus my energy throughout the day on the good, not the bad. It helps me stay centered and focused.

  33. Kristi Winings says:

    Spending time with God is like bumping into a really good friend from yesteryear on a day where I had been feeling really lonely. All the markings in my bible greet me with loving reminders that refresh my walk.

  34. Tiffany Hileman says:

    All I can say right now is that I’d love this. I’m struggling with so much. Gods word helps me in ways I probably don’t even know.

  35. Kari Rodrigues says:

    God’s Word convicts me of my sin and reminds me of His mercy and grace which, in turn, remind me that my children are sinners by nature (not to spite me!) and help me extend the same grace toward them.

    “The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.” Ps. 103:8

  36. where did you hear about these Bible studies? Where can I get the color pencils for the bible? i tried using highlighters but they go through. I have done Kay Aurthur studies and she had us using different colors to mark passages and all and I didn’t have all the colors i needed. Some bled through. I know I need to get into my Bible more but sometmes I just don’t know where to start…. thanks

  37. Busy busy as us moms can be find it difficult for our time with God….my husband gets up rather early for work each day, after we say our goodbyes I stay awake to have a date with God :-) However, those dates aren’t as regular as I liked them to be…I was a single mama for 10years and my dates with God were regular, now well with a hubby :-) and an energetic son (step but I don’t like using that word I love him as my own) who is 9 who wakes up rather early himself, well I need to figure out some time to be with my daddy (God) and after realizing it dozen have to be at the crack of dawn I need to figure out a good time for me, especially since its summer time.

  38. Your suggestions are wonderful. As a full time single mom and student who also works full time, the time to do a bible study seems to be an the priority list but not at the top. These last few weeks of having me time, I have poured into various devotional emails and my bible allowing the words speak to me. This Bible tidy seems like it is going to help me in so many ways change how I approach things with my kids and within myself. Thank you for sharing with us a wonderful study that is going to build us up for these precious children given to us. May God continue to use you to further his kingdom.

  39. When I set aside time to be in Gods words, I am so filled with hope. I would love to have more focus since I have mommy sydrome aka ADD aka look at what all needs to be done! :)

  40. Michelle says:

    I have been very busy with life just like everyone with kids and a full time job, it seems when i get an extra 5 minutes to my self its always the time i find that i want to learn more, more about God and how he provides and to be thankful for everything he has given us. I want to start a bible study to take that time for me

  41. Studying my Bible first thing just helps my day to go better. I feel closer to Him from the get go and I carry that with me throughout my day. I feel more ready to tackle what lies ahead.

  42. Shelli McCormack says:

    When I do a bible study every day it helps me be a better mom and wife. I seem to be more understanding, patient and have the opportunity to put into practice what I read. Plus it lets me share with my children and show them how to apply things to their lives. I homeschool so its very important to me to be a good and Godly example to them in all that we do. Homeschooling is challenging but it has great reward. I want my girls to go up to be successful, bright, have common sense, capable of doing everyday things, having a relationship with Christ and having Him be their Lord and Savior. I want them to know they can always go to Him and lean on Hom for anything. I think doing my devotion or study helps be teach this to them and helps me keep learning as well. It just makes my day go smoother most of the time and I’m able to reflect on what Gods Word says.

  43. Setting time aside for God helps to order my day! I saw this study in October and I wanted to do it. Looks great!

  44. Spending time in God’s word helps me to overcome that completely overwhelmed feeling that accompanies raising a large family filled with mostly little ones! This sounds like a great study. Our family memorized Colossians 3 some years ago. I love to read it.

  45. April Lopez says:

    Having a Bible study keeps me grounded. It keeps me on track. It gives me peace of mind.

  46. My attitude is just better overall on the days I take the time to study and pray. This book looks great and is on my book list!

  47. I am still struggling to find the perfect time. I feel I am too tired when I just wake up and too worn out at nap time. I am working on it, though to find a time that I will remember what I read.

    This looks like a wonderful Bible Study. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Spending time daily with God shifted my focus to where it belongs; on Him. God is my source and resource for all. Without that time I lose focus and backslide. I have had such a roller coaster of trauma and crazy situations over the past few years, that I would not have been left standing without Him. I love how He uses me on a daily basis as a reflection of His goodness and work. Without my daily time with Him, I would not be typing this.

  49. Callie Sitek says:

    When I spend time with God consistently and read my Bible, I find that I am a much nicer person. If I haven’t in a couple of days, I am crabby and lose my temper really easy.

  50. Bible study helps remind me of all God’s promises and of what He wants from my life. I go through phases of being consistent and inconsistent with my study, and when I’m consistent, I always wonder how I let it go before.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Audrey Thomas says:

    I am just getting back to setting aside time each day to spend with God. I see a big difference in my day when I do not spend time with God. I find that I am not as patient, or focused on the things I need to be. I am still not where I want to be, but reading my devotions each morning and spending time in prayer help me to focus on the tasks of the day. I also used to make time to just sit and read my Bible; I would pray that the Lord would guide me to His word that he wanted me to read. I have been so busy with moving into a new home, and ending the year homeschooling my children that I have not been spending the time with God that I know I should the last couple months. I need that time, because I cannot do these things on my own. I need the Lords guidance in all that I do. He knows what is best for me, and it is the time spent with Him where I learn His will for me.

  52. I would love to have this Bible study. As a wife and mother to a 2.5 yo and a 10 month old, I often find it very difficult to find time to sit down and spend time with the Lord. I know in my heart that this is just an excuse because I have to diligently make the time, no matter what. When I am spending regular time in the presence of God, I am such a better mother to my kids and wife to my husband. My goal is to be the best that I can be, while constantly walking with the Lord. I know He will never leave me nor forsake me, but I sure have gotten good at walking away from Him over the years and He NEVER hesitates to take me back! I don’t deserve His love, none of us do, yet He gives it to us daily!! I love serving such an awesome God!!

  53. Spending time with God is like getting my nourishment for the day….by the end of the day, if I don’t take time out to spend with Him, I find myself drained and without patience for my kids. He is my strength! He is my spiritual nourishment!!!

  54. Before my daughter was born I would have a sweet time with the Lord every day while my son took a nice long afternoon nap. Since my daughter’s birth I’ve been struggling to set time aside daily to spend time in the Word. I see the difference very clearly, and I’m hoping this study might give me the motivation to get back into the daily habit. I love Jesus and long for Him, so I don’t know why it’s so hard to be consistent. My days are so much brighter and my home so much more peaceful when I’m daily in the Word.

    • I want to add to my own post, because I re-read the instructions, which said to talk about how my daily time with the Lord or lack thereof affects me personally, and I didn’t go in much depth about that.

      When I spend time in the Word I am a better wife and mommy. I don’t yell as much. I don’t have as harsh a tone. I’m more patient. I’m more gentle in actions and words. I am more understanding and less likely to get fired up about little things. I am able to focus more on others than on myself.. I have a more peaceful response when my expectations aren’t met. I’m more content with where the Lord has me for today. I don’t worry or fear as much about the future or things that are beyond my control. I am satisfied with just the grace to get through today. Overall, when I’m in the Word, I am better able to handle what life throws at me without freaking out, isolating myself or getting depressed. When I’m not in the Word, all those good things, the fruit of the Spirit in me, gets covered over with ugly sinful habits. Staying in the Word means staying connected with the Lord – able to recognize my sin and repent of it daily.

    • Also, this is the colored pencil that I use:

      It has eight different colors in a mechanical colored pencil, and you can also buy the lead color refills on

  55. When I study God’s word I know I am doing his will for me in my life. I have taken time to do longer studies in the past and it has helped so much.

  56. Christin, not taking time with the Lord dries me up, and I get heavy hearted and depressed. Staying in His Word and taking time away with Him really does keep me fueled and available for my family and what He calls me to do. Otherwise, I wither away…

    Thanks for the review of the pencils. I have been using Crayola and although I haven’t torn pages, they definitely leave more impression than I would like. I will probably switch over my pencils!

  57. When I take the time to be in God’s word it sets the focus for my day. I’m more at peace, remembering that He is directing my path and guiding and strengthening me through His spirit. The days are not so good when I skip this time.

  58. When I do it, my morning devotional time brings me peace for the day. I tend to have more patience during the day. I’m not a morning person though, and struggle with taking the time every morning before I start my day. I’m working on making it a priority because I know how important it is to connect with God every day.

  59. Spending time with The Lord each morning makes me a better wife and mama ! I can see a significant difference from when I do get to do my devotions and when life happens and I don’t get to. I have more patience and grace to give to my family and those around me. It honestly makes me feel like my batteries are charged for another day in this world. Not to mention, it gives me hope that I’m not alone, because being a stay at home mom to 6 kids in a pretty rural town can get lonley :)
    Thank you for your blog and giveaway !
    ~ Laura

  60. Spending time with God first thing every morning definitely gets my day off to a much better start. When I don’t make the time for personal study, it reflects in my attitude tremendously.

  61. Starting my day with God is vital for me and my family. It helps me to get my heart in the right place. We just finished our first year of homeschooling, and my time with God has helped me through it.

  62. Rebecca Lohman says:

    I had gotten away from reading from my bible on a daily basis, but recently have been revisiting this habit. Reading from the bible gives me a daily reminder that my life is meant to serve God! It reminds me not to live for worldly desires, but to do everything in my life according to His will. When not reminded of this regularly, it is too easy to stray from His ways.

  63. Jessica Allen says:

    Without my quiet time with God and His word, my whole day tends to be thrown off. Reading His message to me gives me focus for the day and helps me remember who is in charge. His word always brings everything into perspective.

  64. Desirae Blythe says:

    I have discovered that I have grown closer to God with the time I have spent in His word. I am always looking for ways to understand the path God is leading me to. I am able to make God every part of my life.

  65. I’m a busy homeschooling mom of 3 (ages 8,7,&3) and I often don’t make the time that I need to spend time with The Lord. I have good intentions but many times it doesn’t happen at this point. My 3 y.o. son has Down syndrome, and while being a HUGE blessing, he can be quite time consuming! And when I do have “down-time” I spend it taking a nap, or on Facebook, or playing candy crush (SO dumb!). Sometimes I’ll do the right thing and spend time with The Lord, and when I do, there is always a difference! I am always Blessed! And then I wonder….why don’t I do this every day? But then, the busy-ness of life sets in and…another day goes by….
    I hope it’s just this season of my life!
    I do appreciate and love reading your blog, you definitely inspire me!

  66. It causes me to be much more in tune to Him throughout the day – feeling those nudgings, going to Him in prayer when things arise, listening for His leading. When I’m not in the Word regularly (like lately), I find myself trying to live in my own strength and failing miserably. It doesn’t make for a happy home.

  67. Allyson says:

    With two kiddos under two, finding a long period of time to do a study is precious to me. In the morning I always take time during the oldest’s breakfast to sit down and open up my bible and Jesus is Calling. Starting the day off with some encouragement and the Word help me stay positive and focused, admid the chaos.

  68. I am always trying to find the time to study my Bible, but I always feel like I ma unorganized and just flipping through pages. I like the idea of staying with a scripture for a period of time.

  69. I like to wake up before my girls to pray over the day and read God’s word. I’m more at peace and can feel the Holy Spirit leading more through out the day.

  70. I function better, physically and mentally, when I have my bible time in the morning. It helps me and helps my family by helping me. :)

  71. Rebekah Beasley says:

    Spending time with God definitely gives me strength for the day, and also helps me focus on what is most important, my marriage and training my children. We are pregnant with #4, and I am exhausted right now and need the encouragement from His Word daily!!!

  72. Camille says:

    Our family has recently gone through a season of trial. In that time God has revealed a deeper understanding of faith. My time with Him, no matter when or where or how long, has truly been the meat my soul has needed to grow. If I am not spending time in His presence and His word then I can’t grow. And if I can’t grow, I can’t handle the trials that come into my life. Setting aside time with God is like medicine for my pain. I am continuing and going even deeper now in my time and study with Him and He has taught me that even when things are going good, I need Him for every decision and difficulty that arises. HIS power is so much greater than my abilities or ideas. His power is made perfect in my weakness and I am weak for sure!! Thank you for your blog and this study!

  73. Christina A. says:

    Spending time with the Lord builds me up, yet humbles me. It gives me a dose of true reality. The Lord always reveals something new to me and captures my attention in such a loving and profound way. When I am in the word I tend to think of the Lord more throughout the day and carry on conversations with him. I hear the Holy Spirits voice more in those days that I took the time to connect. I thank you for this awesome giveaway.

  74. Shannon says:

    Setting aside time for Bible Study is so crucial to helping me walk in the Spirit as a mom, and not in my flesh. I am reaping consequences of not setting this as priority the last few busy years – and am trying to change it. :-)

  75. Christina says:

    Setting aside time with God is so important in keeping me centered and grounded. It clears my mind and organizes my thoughts. I am recently returning to a regular time with the Lord after spending a few months away. It is REFRESHING and makes me a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, doctor, and employer. We are going through some major life changes as a family, and I would not be able to walk through these trials without that special time (even if for a few quiet minutes). Thanks for this series!

  76. melissa says:

    I notice that when I get up early to read my Bible and pray, that I can think about what I read throughout the day. This study looks really good, and I would be excited to win it!

  77. Ashley C. says:

    I have been out of the habit for a while, but am so excited to begin again! I actually have these colored pencils and look forward to reigniting my daily readings! The study looks fabulous!

  78. Jenny black says:

    I am so excited about this giveaway. A devotional study guide would sure help me develop a stronger faith. It would benefit my busy day with 4 little ones since it is so hard to find the time somedays for a meaningful daily quiet time. :)

  79. Studying my Bible gives me peace, eases any worries I have, strengthens me, gives me hope, and in all reality real JOY! I love doing Bible study books. I understand so much more, learn so many new things about myself, and really just love that connection to God.

  80. I had started waking up early every weekday, about an hour before I had to get my kids up and ready for school. That’s when I did my Bible time. I will tell you the benefit was quite wonderful. I was able to start my day at my pace, have some coffee, and read my Bible while the house was still quite in the morning. It’s amazing what you can pick up if you can give it the attention it needs. Anyway, I got sick with pneumonia back in April and I’ve gotten better, much better, but still finding it hard to wake early in the morning because I’m tired and it’s now summer so we can all sleep in a bit (my kids don’t really do that, but I do). I would love to have a way to have a short time in the Bible that is structured so that I can get something out of it and yet not have it be so long that I’m constantly interrupted while trying to fill my cup so to speak. I’m hoping I win this as it looks like a nice study that doesn’t need a lot of daily time. A few minutes here or there, enough to keep my nose in the Bible without getting frustrated from not being able to complete my reading. Thanks. :)

  81. Marsha S says:

    I find that I have more joy in my day When I start it off in the Word. I also can recall more verses when trials come up. This helps me get though them. God is good!!

  82. Susan Kramer says:

    I must admit I am more lax over the summer about doing devotionals….and I shouldn’t be. I have been enjoyiiing sleeping in instead of spending time with God and I have noticed it. And to be truthful…so has my family. I am more stressed, less joyful, and a bit more on edge.

  83. My study time has actually helped to put me in the right frame of mind for my whole day. I can defiantly tell throughout the day if I haven’t done my studies. The days I get my study time in seem to go effortless.

  84. Michele says:

    My day is so much better when I take time with the Lord first. Things still may not go the way I think they should, but I’ll have peace in the chaos! Would love to win a copy to the Bible Study!

  85. I am trying to get back in the habit of daily Bible reading. When I do start off the day with Bible reading, it helps me to be more aware of God during the day and to keep other Scriptures in mind as I go through the day.

  86. It grounds me and leads my day on a positive and happy route

  87. Joann Noll says:

    Doing bible study really helps me because I love being in Gods presence it gives me strength. I have been doing a bible study everyday since I was in middle school. I love doing ones that have a topic, it helps me see things in a new way, they are my favorite. Unfortunately with a almost two year old its tough to just read the bible and focus, when I do topic ones it is much more personal.

  88. Priscilla W says:

    helps me show God that I value His Word. When studying God’s Word regularly….some weeks, I end up hearing same Bible truths, pop up as I go through out my week…from various sources: a bit off the christian radio, in a song or sermon/etc. I know those different people did not get together & plan out who would say what/when. so, exciting to see God’s Word alive!

  89. Starting my day in the Word brings calm and focus to my day. My days that are out of control are the days I don’t start with Him.

  90. Chrissy says:

    I can always tell (my attitude and patience levels are different) the days that I don’t spend any time in my bible. Having 5 kids 9 and under and homeschooling makes it tough at times, but I need to make it a priority.

  91. I know that when I’m in the word I don’t fret things like I do when I am not. I seem to use the excuse all the time that I’m in a busy season but really we should never be to busy for God.

  92. Due to some major trials in our family, along with my recent struggle with depression, I have gotten out of habit of being in the Word daily. I am trying to get back into the Word though, because I know that when I am consistently spending time with God, I have an inner peace and joy that’s missing when I’m not. I wanted to purchase this Bible study when you posted about it the other day,but because finances are tight right now, I chose not to. Winning this would be awesome!

  93. I read the above comments with awe. I can only hope to have such a strong dedication to setting aside time to read and study the Bible. While I’m not a new believer, having always believed since I was a little girl, I was not brought up in a church or with the word of God. I feel embarrassed to say, but I have never done a Bible study. I felt called to this site some time ago for encouraging words and just saw this contest. I hesitated to leave a comment because you asked how do you set aside time with God. And truthfully I never have. But I want to. And I am gathering materials here and there. And I’m meeting new people who are more versed in God’s word and taking notes. Together with my children we will all get to know God more and more…

    • Christin says:

      Don’t feel embarrassed Kellie..we all need to start somewhere — sometimes it takes time to figure out WHERE that is! :)

  94. Jennifer says:

    Setting aside time to be with God has helped me have patience with my children and spouse. It also helps me to have strength to get through tough times. When I get away from my daily devotional time I tend to be very short fused and do not feel that I have the energy for things.

  95. Judith Martinez says:

    When I was in the word every day it was a real encouragement for me. I feel like I was more focused on what I should be doing throughout the day instead of flitting around and getting distracted.

  96. I love the idea of this devotional! Everytime I sit down I seem completely lost lately as to where to start/what to read. With two little ones something that I can dig into quickly before some key needs something sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing this!!

  97. My attitude completely is changed. My day runs soooo much smoother when I start it out with studying the bible. When life gets busy is when we often don’t make the time to study – while that when we need it the most.

  98. I find that when I start my morning sin God’s word, I am able to handle the stresses of my day with much more Christ-like character. I’m more loving, joyful, patient and kind.

  99. When I get to spend time with God and His Word, I feel filled up and I am much more patient and loving to my little brood!

  100. Studying Scripture had helped me to be a better wife, mother, friend and better person to myself as well. A huge life changing event just a few years ago, helped me turn to God and ever since, I have been a new person! Praise the Lord!!

  101. I’m currently doing a Beth Moore study and have always loved her studies but recently have been having a short study time reading through Colossians one verse at a time. I just started in chapter 3 this week so I would be very interested in this study. Having this time each day is what gives me the strength to make it through my day, especially the days I am not feeling well or our day is busy.

  102. Amy Marshall says:

    It helps me to take the focus off me.. puts me in perspective… an eternal one.
    Helps me to be closer to Him by knowing Him better.
    Helps me to be a more patient, loving, merciful mother and wife.
    Thank you Jesus.

  103. Amber Neal says:

    Taking time to study the word helps me be a better version of me. It helps me put things in perspective and helps refuel me for the day. I just feel calmer when I do take the time to start my day with Gods word.

  104. Jenn Scioneaux says:

    Getting alone time with God keeps me grounded. It helps me to remember that when I give up control to Him things get done and not to keep trying to take the control back. Sadly I have always gotten lost trying the alone time thing. I never know where to start. I haven’t found a devotional or anything that helped me get in a routine. I just don’t know where to start.

  105. I start my mornings off by reading the Bible and doing my devotional. It has been a great way to start my day and to help me get started on the right foot.

  106. My morning devotional time is time to start my day right. Before all five kids wake up, before the stress on the day can invaded our home. It is my quiet, peaceful, calm before the storm of life wakes up. It puts me in the right place so I can take on the day of being a mom, wife, maid, cook, driver, ect.

  107. CarrieBeth says:

    I am new to daily Bible study. I have found that reading the Bible first thing in the morning connects me to God more consistently and I think about what I have read throughout the day.

  108. I love to rise early before anyone else gets up and spend time with God. It really helps to start my day off. In fact, I had done this for a long time and then when all of my children went to off public school, I decided to study after the last of them were gone. I felt like my mornings did not go as smooth as they use to. I was grouchy some mornings and my day just didn’t start off right. Your attitude speaks loudly to your children and husband and has so much to do with how smooth your home functions.

    May God Bless Your Day!

  109. Setting time aside for God really makes a difference in my day. Te days I do make the time we have more peace in our day and my attitude is much better. The days I don’t, we’ll, lets just say it isn’t pretty! :/

  110. Setting aside time for God benefits me in SO many ways… one is that I get to draw closer to Him. I get to know Him and the Spirit, I get to know His character so that when I am faced with trials and don’t know what to do I can respond like Christ.

    It also helps me keep my vessel full, I do so much pouring out to my children and through volunteer work that if I wasn’t having a daily time with God pouring into me I’d soon be empty. Time with Him fills me so I can pour out…otherwise what I am giving is dry and stale.

  111. I can tell when I haven’t been spending time with God. My mind is off and my temper is on. I recently started using Prismacolor pencils in my Bible. Love them.

  112. Time in the Word gives me patience and just changes my whole perspective on the situations I face.

  113. Being in the Word lights me up. I remember how amazing God is, how deep He is, how much He loves me, and how rich is His Word. I am usually happier and more peaceful after a solid Bible study.

  114. When I spend time with God, I’m a lot calmer when situations arise. I seem to be able to take everything in stride. When I don’t spend that time, my whole day is one big mess (usually by 9 am)

  115. I have a sense of peace and protection with me. It also helps me share it with my kids more and keep it present in our day.

  116. It refocuses my daily direction and restores my motivation for what needs to be done.

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