Simple Advent Devotional for Your Children

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 Truth in the Tinsel - Advent Devotional


Available right now is the popular Advent devotional, Truth in the Tinsel, written by my sweet friend Amanda. This is such a simple, well written devotional, with simple craft ideas to make it meaningful and memorable, for you and your children, each day of Advent.

It’s not too late!

And, if you’re a bit too busy during this season to make your own Advent ornaments, Amanda offers them all pre-made for you! Sometimes, you just can’t put a price on keeping things simple.

Truth in the Tinsel ornaments

Sometimes, for me, it’s a decision whether not doing it at all, or taking the simple road and doing it. Some seasons just require more simplicity and that’s OK.


Grapevine Bible Studies for Kids

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Grapevine Studies
I am so excited to share this Bible Study resource with you for your children. I am in the process of going through and preparing a review on The Birth of Jesus for you so you can see how it works, but I can already tell you that it is a very creative and solid way to teach your children the Bible. I love how it can be as creative as your child wants it to be.

Creating the figures and symbols helps to solidify important concepts into your children’s minds. Do you have a child who likes to “doodle” while they listen to a read aloud? It’s kind of like that. It actually helps them remember it better. I look forward to sharing more with you soon! For now, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity for you to grab a study while they are on the lowest price of the year.

Grapevine Studies
Grapevine Studies Black Friday Sale

You can even try out some sample pages.

You can purchase either a hard copy or ebook version. Whatever works best for you!


Redeemed Lantern $8 Today!

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Y’all, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this beautiful lantern with you as it’s only $8 today! Would make a GREAT gift and are only available while supplies last. Snag two or three!

Lantern Lantern 2

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Psalm 37 Week 2 {Moms in the Word}

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Moms in the Word |

I really love how my study guide from Doorposts helps me draw out specific themes, words, ideas, and concepts every time I read the passage. This past week we focused on do’s, don’t’s, God’s role, the righteous, and the wicked.

I loved reading through the Psalm just focusing on God because highlighting His name (Lord, Him, He, etc) draws HIM out in the passage as being my comfort, rest, and refuge. It just puts such a focus on where our trust should rest. No one but HIM can bring forth our righteousness as the light. The LORD upholds the righteous. HE is merciful. The LORD loves justice.

Pulling out what we shouldn’t do (fret) and what we should do (wait on the Lord patiently).

Our adoption process certainly put us through that fire. That’s not to say we’ve “arrived” by any means. But we have learned to trust more.

But when I read this passage, I think a lot about the world as a whole right now. I feel like there are lots of enemies out there–whether they’re principles or people, Christians are in an all out war today.

I read the promises God has for the righteous and in such evil times, they are a comfort!

So, how are we going to stretch out reading Psalm 37 over a 30 day period? By focusing on different aspects of the Psalm every time you read through it. This study guide can help you with that. I highly recommend it.

What did you pull out of Psalm 37 this week? Link up below!

Moms in the Word


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Joyful Mothering ReDirect

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Christin Slade
I normally don’t make these types of announcements in this manner, but in this case it’s necessary.

I am in the process of changing the domain/url to domain/url. As I make this change, you may notice a redirect. The goal is to remain on the Joyful Mothering site with a new url: So when you type in it should change to, but still land you in the right place.

Please bear with me as these changes are made. I am not certain how long it will take to complete and have the redirects complete. Hopefully only a day or two.

You will also notice the design change. This is normal and I’d rather work with the site remaining live than shutting it down. Bear with me around the dust for a few days?

In the mean time you can find me interacting on Facebook. :)

Psalm 37 – Week 1 {Moms in the Word}

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Delight Yourself in the Lord

Psalm 37 is the exchange of the righteous’ reward while the wicked pass away.

On a Personal Level

One thing that immediately comes to mind as a mother when I read this passage is the post I wrote on rewarding children for their work around the house—and why not extend that into their character training, pending it isn’t an issue in their maturing process?

Just read this passage and see how God rewards the righteous and punishes the wicked. It’s plain as day; black and white.

He doesn’t just tell us about reward; He offers it everyday. Every time the sun rises and we have breath in our lungs. When He gives us peace in dire circumstances; when He offers us just a slice of His plan to let us know He’s still there and He’s still working. It’s all a gift. It’s all a reward for running the race that can be so hard to run at times.

He tells us, “It will be worth it.”

But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. Psalm 37:11

He encourages us to trust Him (vs 3) and is our strength (vs 39).

On a Global Level

Imagine how David felt in the face of his enemies. God gave Him comfort because of his faithfulness to his Lord. We don’t have the same urgent threats on our life as David did, but we do face other challenges as our nation has changed and allowed more and more things to become acceptable. This is a war, not because people are free to choose, but because pastors and other people of Christian faith are forced to say it’s acceptable when it goes against what God has said.

There is much we can learn in light of our circumstances and one of them is that vengeance is the Lord’s. We have no place in taking that role from God. Even David refused to touch one of God’s anointed when he was presented with an opportunity to kill Saul. It wasn’t his place. He simply waited on God to deliver him. And guess what? He did.

Today we are called to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. (Matthew 5:44) So we certainly have a duty to fulfill. And what we deem as persecution here in the States isn’t close to what they are facing in Iraq. But we can stand in the gap and pray for our fellow Christians as well as those who are persecuting them.

Prepare to Stretch

I am looking forward to digging into this passage because I want to trek into areas of my faith I’m not prone to trek. To open a new possibility of growth and understand God.

Typically I venture into areas of growth I am already familiar with and continue to build upon. Not bad, necessarily, but not terribly stretching either.

Get the Resource

Psalm 37 Moms in the Word

If you want to purchase the resource to go with our study, you can buy the e-version here. This is a daily study and today we went over Day 1. If you prefer the paperback, that is also available, though it will take time to ship and arrive.

If you follow me on Facebook at Joyful Mothering, I have moved over to a new page. You can like below or click here.

The link up is below.


What is one thing that stood out to you reading Psalm 37?

Link up your Moms in the Word posts below (or simply link a post sharing what you’re learning in the Word).


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Black Friday at DaySpring

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Ohh I am so excited to share with you the best deals of the year from DaySpring. Many of these products are some of my favorites and we utilize them daily.

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Abide In Him

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Dough Bowl

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DaySpring Collage

When Homeschooling Doesn’t Fit Your Mold

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Homeschooling Isn't Meant to Look Perfect

The Initial Picture

When I first began homeschooling back in 2004, I had the ideal picture in my head. I also had only 2 children, one of whom was actually doing any sort of “school work” by the age of 3.

In addition, my first born was (is) a very eager learner and quickly punched through any workbook I placed in front of her. So, by the time she turned 6, we switched to something more robust and challenging: Tapestry of Grace. She rose to the occasion.

Coming up behind her was her younger brother and a one year old tornado. Thankfully she started off as a rather independent learner.

The Reality of Our Days

Today, I often have younger children running around in the background as I try to teach my older children. They don’t stay engaged very long, and when they do, they make a rather large mess by the end of teaching my lesson.

There are just some things I cannot control and I have to be OK with. As someone who came from public schools, it’s all I have to go off of on how “school” is supposed to look and it has taken a long time for those walls to come down and learn that learning can be done in more than one way.

So, having said all that, the ideal I had in my head to teach my children the same things, at the same time, from the same curriculum just doesn’t happen. My children have different needs, learn at different levels, and with different methods. That makes for a rather interesting day of school!

No two days look a like around here, despite my carefully planned out schedule.  The schedule simply cannot account for a child “not in the mood” to do their lessons, a child who gets sick, tired children who’ve had a long weekend, or distracted children. I mean, really, the list can go on. And with seven children, it’s rare we have a smooth day of school.

I think it’s important, in order to set ourselves and our children up for success, to accept the fact that our expectations may be too high and to take things as they come. That’s not to say we shouldn’t plan, but the plans will get messed up and we can’t just throw our hands up when that happens. We simply need to adjust ourselves to that reality and work from that place.

Today, I am getting over a cold that has knocked me down these last couple of days. I am still not feeling 100% myself, therefore I can not perform optimally. In addition, I have not yet been to my friends to pick up our next set of books for the next unit in our Tapestry studies. In light of this, I am adjusting our week accordingly.

Thankfully, we just made a great library visit over the weekend, so the children have plenty of new, good quality books to dig into. And because I’m still lacking energy from being sick, I am only focusing on the most important things today. For example, since we aren’t leaving the house today, I am not enforcing everyone to get dressed. We can declare today a “pajama day”.

On top of all that, reading aloud is often a nightmare because I am always telling someone to “Shhhh”. Math consistently puts someone in tears. (Including me at times). Writing, my own favorite subject, is a subject I struggle to teach–especially at varying levels.

Bad attitudes are a norm (I know, they shouldn’t be, but I can only encourage good attitudes, not force them). Despite the fact that I’ve created a schedule and chore chart for each child, I am constantly telling them what they are supposed to be doing.

The sooner I accept the fact that homeschooling isn’t perfect because people aren’t perfect, the smoother our days will go.

Homeschooling isn’t meant to look perfect, it’s meant to serve a purpose, and that purpose will be defined by each family.

For more imperfect homeschool days, visit the iHomeschool Network bloggers.



How I Homeschool and Work At Home

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Working from home is a hot topic among moms.

Many moms want to work from home, but don’t know where to start. Others don’t know how work-at-home moms manage to work at home, homeschool, and tend to the house.

I want to share what I do to give you an idea of how we make it work for our family. It has taken many trial-and-error periods to find something that works well for us, but we have settled into a fairly workable groove.

Simplified Homeschool

We are year-round homeschoolers, which helps alleviate a lot of stress trying to pack it all in.

Because of this, we do not do every single subject everyday. I have broken down our lessons to focus on 4 subjects a day. This allows us to study each subject more thoroughly and not feel like we need to rush through them to get to the next one. In addition, it allows my children to pursue their interests because they in fact have time to.

When it comes to homeschooling, I have learned that is less is more. I have tried the Classical Education approach and while it’s a fine method, it just doesn’t work for our family dynamic. So I went back to my first love: Charlotte Mason.

Another thing that I am working toward is helping my children become independent learners. Having seven children at varying age levels can definitely stretch me when I don’t empower my them to work on their own, they don’t pursue their own studies.

My two youngest still require my full attention for lessons, so I spend about an hour in the morning with them. And then throughout the morning I offer help where the other children need it. They each have an assignment sheet they work from. Then I spend another hour working with my two Ghanaian girls as they continue to strengthen their English and reading comprehension skills.

Work Schedule

One of my greatest challenges of working at home is I don’t have any real set hours. I plug in when I can and work. I’ll do some in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night when the children are in bed. This actually proves to be quite stressful because often when I’m homeschooling or cleaning, I have tasks in the back of my head for clients that I also need to accomplish. So I am currently working through this dilemma.

Since most of our lessons are complete by lunch time, I am considering using the afternoon as my work hours while the children pursue their creative outlets and interests. I just bought a new planner that I am looking forward to digging into for my work related tasks.

So my goal is to work in the afternoon and free up my mornings to focus better on homeschooling and cleaning, and free up my evening to focus on time with my husband.

Sometimes I work Saturdays if we don’t otherwise have plans.

While tasks are getting done, having a more streamlined schedule will help free my mind of stressful clutter.

Work at Home Myths

I think in order for one to see the workings of a family with a work at home mom, one has to let go of some of the myths surrounding working from home.

For example, homeschooling doesn’t take all day — even with seven children.

Because I have seven children, there are lots of hands to help with cleaning, so I am not doing that alone. I wasn’t always in a season where I had older children, so it’s not uncommon for work at home moms with smaller children to let some cleaning slide until the weekend.

I do not work full time hours. I work 2-4 hours per day. Obviously my work as a mom is still work and fills the remainder of my hours. But as far as writing for my blog and working tasks for other bloggers, it’s about 2-4 hours per day.

Hopefully this gives you a fair picture of my days. I have a more extensive version of being a blogger and stay at home mom in my eBook, Blog at Home Mom.

What burning questions do you have? :)

P.S. In case you haven’t heard the news yet, Joyful Mothering will be merging into this site by the new year. I will also be shutting down my Joyful Mothering Facebook page and utilizing this one. So be sure to like it to stay up to date on news and receive encouragement via Facebook.

Psalm 37 Intro {Moms in the Word}

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It is so good to be back in community again! Whew! Sometimes life can take it’s toll, huh? The goal is to always “get back on the horse”.

We are entering a busy season as the holidays approach. I know many of you will be using advent devotionals as December arrives. The study I chose for this round is deep but does not take a lot of time. Instead of studying a whole book, we are going to focus on one chapter.

I am using Doorposts, Busy Mamas Bible Study guide for Psalm 37. It is an excellent guide that helps walk you step by step through digging deep into the word. You can get it as an eBook or a hard copy.

Today I’m just going to go through the introduction so it will give us a foundation and allow a little more time for those who want to get the study guide to grab it.

Stop and Listen

Before we enter into this study, I really want to just make sure our hearts are aligned and we are ready to truly dig in and receive His word.

Father God, I just pray right now for every woman reading this post today; for every woman who desires a deeper relationship with you. Align our hearts to receive your word and compel us to be consistent in reading. Remind us how much we need you and fill us up so that we can pour out and serve others. I pray you provide peace and rest for those seeking it and remind us to look to you as our source of joy. In Jesus’ name….

I love how Pam opens the study by pointing us to Martha in Luke 10. I encourage you to take just a few minutes and read Luke 10:38-42

As a very busy, homeschooling, work-at-home mom of seven I can tell you that I can relate to Martha being distracted by serving. And I know that can sound bad. Distracted by serving? Wait, isn’t that what we’re called to do, is serve? Well, yes, but not at the expense of our growing relationship with Christ. We need to constantly be plugged in to Him. And I often find myself running on empty because I haven’t taken the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and allow Him to fill me up.

Pam makes an excellent point in her introduction:

“There’s always something else to do. We’re never ‘done’. So if we wait until we’re done or even until we think we have time to read and study God’s Word, we probably won’t ever get around to it.”

Do you find this to be true in your own life? I know I have! God wants our first fruits, not our leftovers. That may be why so many encourage us to wake early in the morning and do our quiet time then. Not everyone is a morning person, though, and your first fruits may actually be at night because you’re a night owl.

But there must be a point in our day when we make a hard stop to get with God.

Only one thing is necessary.

We can do our duties and rush around, but what do they mean when we neglect God? We can no longer allow ourselves to be robbed of our very necessary time with the Lord.

So I invite you to join me for this Psalm 37 study. We will meet here once per week. I will have a link up each Tuesday for you to share a post you’ve written on what you’ve learned. If you do not want to write a blog post, that is totally fine. Feel free to engage in the comments.

Sometime exciting I have coming in 2015 is I will be opening a Moms in the Word Facebook group so we can more easily collaborate there as well. I will be opening it for members beginning December 1st.

Question: In what way do you find yourself so busy in serving mode that you forget or fail to meet with God and just be filled with His Word and His presence?


Reminder: This blog will be getting a new home and I have a new Facebook page, so be sure you like it here. The new blog will change over January 1st, so you don’t need to do anything because I’ll take care of all that for you.