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Joyful Mothering

About Joyful Mothering

I am a writer through and through. I am also a mother through and through. This is where the two meet. My heart is to be turned toward my children and reflect that in this space.

What God has revealed to us through His word is to raise up children who will love and serve Him, who exhibit godly character, and are trained and disciplined in good manners and conduct.

God has given us this instruction book, called the Bible, that is very specific about what to teach as good and right, as well as what’s displeasing to Him.  As mothers, we are specifically instructed to train, guide, and love our children in this Truth. {Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 11:19; Titus 2:4} God has revealed this to us through His Word.

The emphasis of Discipleship Studies is more than just Bible knowledge–it is developing a vital relationship with God through his revealed Word. It includes understanding the Bible as a book, studying it as truth from God, and reading it devotionally to hear God speak through it.

The goal of Discipleship Studies is to train your children’s hearts to seek God and his truth. You are building a secure foundation so the house you build–your child’s life–will stand strong. –Educating the WholeHearted Child, pg. 117 {emphasis mine}

That is my vision for motherhood.

It’s not only about training our children in the Lord–it’s leading them to know the Lord. And through motherhood, to be molded to be more like Christ.

My goal for Joyful Mothering is

  1. To encourage you in the discipleship & nurturing of your children
  2. To challenge you to set aside everything in order to spend time on this
  3. To help equip you with excellent resources and show you practical & tangible ways to use them
  4. To inspire and motivate you to persevere in this role
  5. To help you grow in your own walk with Christ and to nurture it daily

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About Me

Jonathan and I 2014 My Children 2014

I’m Christin, wife since 2000 to my wonderful husband, Jonathan. I am mother to Gabriella (12), Margaret (10), Benjamin (9), Christiana (8), Jeremiah (7), Elizabeth (6), and David (3). Margaret and Christiana came home from Ghana, West Africa July 2014.  You can keep up with our story here.

Ever since I was a young girl, I dreamed of being a mom. I realize, though, that I cannot do this alone. I need God’s strength, my husband’s encouragement, and the support and community of other mother’s. You.

God planted a dream in my heart. This dream begins in my home, discipling my children. It continues through my writing and connection with you. It completes as I watch our children grow up and live for God. As I watch them step into what He has for them,  live out His will for them, and love Him wildly; with passion.

On a slightly more personal note: I love coffee and I love drinking it while meeting with Jesus and writing. I enjoy reading, taking walks, and love God’s creation. His beauty astonishes me.

I’m am learning to receive grace and practice grace.

This is my season of motherhood.

Joyful Mothering is a place to share this journey of mothering with you, encourage you, and connect with you.