A Blissful Marriage Doesn’t Just Happen {POP31 Chapter 5}

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This was one of my favorite chapters in Amy’s book. I love how she opens the chapter with Mark 10:9 and offers an insight I had never considered before.

Many people get married believing their wedding day is a “sealer” or guarantee of some sort that everything will  be great. The truth is, when you have two sinners living under one roof, this is simply not the case. Disagreements and hard times will come.

Many things need to be considered and we should always be proactive in our marriage. Last week I wrote about a few things that I have found vital for the health of my own marriage.

There is something even more vital that comes before all of that can even happen.

Your love for God.

Excellent thoughts here Amy. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us.

I love all the feedback in the comments from last week and I have read every single one of them. It takes courage to recognize areas we fall short in and I commend you ladies for that.

This week I want to challenge you to seek God and pray that He would mold your heart to be receptive to Him. Pull out a journal and write down your prayers if it will help you focus. Do not neglect your time with God because it ultimately effects everything else, including your marriage. God must, must, must be the center of everything.

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Today, let’s discuss what is hindering us from being diligent to seek out time with God daily. This time is crucial for us to grow in our walk with the Lord and also in our marriages. The two are intertwined. Our marriage cannot grow if our relationship with God lacks, is strained, or isn’t regularly nurtured.

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  1. Looks like an amazing book. I am in a current position of desperately trying to open up my heart to God and follow his will. My husband is an alcoholic and I have 3 small children. I am so pained and need strength to march through….

    •  I really do understand that, Tracy. My former spouse (now deceased) was an alcoholic. It was difficult. I had to keep reminding myself that I could only manage what was in my realm of care. I was responsible for myself, our children, the money he handed to me, and the household. I knew I couldn’t change him so I worked on what I could change or influence. Praying for you…

  2. I actually have no problem seeking out daily time with God, but I would like to keep the interaction with Him through my day.  One thing I want to work on is having a more intentional prayer life.  I love reading and working on memorizing, but I skip the prayer part or it’s not meaningful.  I get up really early every morning so I can have that time and my husband and I have started again to pray and do a devotion before he leaves for work!

    •  I’ve found that recognizing Him in every moment of our day is the key to ongoing prayer. It is meaningful if you intentionally include Him in every area. Just acknowledge His presence. It grows from there. And yes, I’m with you on the intentional prayer. It is definitely mountain moving. :)

  3. Jeri Lynn says:

    The “work” in creating a biblical marriage does get easier and even enjoyable… As the years pass, I have noticed that I have learned what brings desired results (and what does not), so to maintain my marriage relationship takes less effort that it once did. In the beginning of our marriage, I remember reading this book and that book about building a marriage. We went to countless marriage seminars and retreats and would come home with lists of things we would do. They were all good, but they were hard work!
    The one thing that has made the biggest difference in our marriage is one word from God: CHERISH. Cherish means to prize above all others. As we sincerely “cherish” each other in our hearts, details seem to work out for good. When we said our vows, before God and all our family… we vowed to cherish (not to just put up with)! That one heart-felt adjustment has had such a lasting impact on our relationship.
    We celebrate sweet 16 this year….it just keeps getting sweeter.

  4. I was finally able to get into a routine where the six month old will nap at the same time as my two year old.  previously, I would just putz around on the internet (I really dont do work during nap time, it is my “rest” time) and I FINALLY realized recently, that I needed to use this as my quiet time.  So I read the Bble (I had no idea where to start so I am reading a one-year Bible) read Christian blogs that I love, read inspirational books–I have a big stack of them next to my chair and I read whichever I feel called to that day, etc.  but I do no work, its just time to refresh.  and I love it.  the only time its hard to do is on  the weekend when  my husband is home, if so, I try to take the time when he is out walking the dog at night or right before bed.

    •  I’m so glad you are finally getting on a routine that you are comfortable, Alison! Seasons of life change and we have to adjust. I know that can be a bit difficult at times. I’m glad you are working it out. :)

  5. Like Shonda said, I am trying to be more intentional about seeking Him moment by moment as opposed to just in the mornings. I get up before my family just for time in His word and praying and to prepare my hearts to be able to mold & shape their little hearts. But I find the days when I am focused on seeing and seeking Him in every second, from the mundane to the chaotic are the ones when I thrive and not just survive.

  6. I think for me, its a combination of things.  1.  bottom line, sin- I choose everything i do in the day.  if it REALLY was important to me, it would happen- regardless.  that said, i am raising 7 children, many of whom have special needs, particularly one of my 2yo twin boys, so i am really overwhelmed.  Organization is a problem for me, and being scatterbrained, so those contribute as well.  I think its likely multi-factored for all of us.  

  7. Heidi J says:

    I’ve been diligent in early am quiet time but need to be intentional throughout the day to keep my heart (and words and actions and thoughts) in line with Him. Coming up on 18 years if marriage…good and bad yet still committed to each other. Just went to Love & Respect conference and highly recommend it.

    Praying for you Tracy…alcoholism is very hard on a family

  8. Loved this chapter too! I am trying to be intentional about recognizing God more throughout the day. I said before I keep a Bible in the bathroom and when I go in there I sneak some scripture reading and I have a short devotional book, My Utmost for His Highest. It has really been helping. What hinders me is myself. I think I have to get the housework done first and sometimes I just need to let it go and take some quiet time first. It’s so hard trying to balance a home,myself time,and play with the children. Some days I feel it is going pretty good. I get up get my quiet time in,get some housework done,play with the boys,and get lunch prepared. Other days lol it’s not so smooth. I am finding reading snippets throughout the day and taping up scriptures or prayers in places I stand most is helping out. I am also learning I do not have to be perfect,but don’t use His grace in order to sin. God is so merciful to me! I love doing this study with all you ladies too! 

  9. The biggest obstacle that hinders me from communing with God daily is the constant fluctuations in our “schedule” and our days!  I’ve got 5 little ones aged 6 y/o and under, so we’re constantly going through new phases.  For a while, I can plan Bible reading and prayer and quiet time into my day – but before long, someone isn’t taking a nap they used to, or is sick and needs extra care, or I’m sick.  And then I forget to schedule it into my newly-shaped days again!  But God is SOOOO FAITHFUL to keep whispering how much I need Him, and how good His word is for my heart.  So I try again.

  10. For several years (when our triplets were smaller), I couldn’t spend regular time with God. But now that our kids are 4, I have finally been able to make spending time with God a part of my mid-morning routine. I’ve made it a point to finish my daily devotions before I go online or have breakfast. That kind of discipline really helps. I’m working on being aware of His presence throughout the day. It’s so easy to edge God out as we go through the mundane tasks in our daily lives. I’m still working on intentionally connecting with God, not just during my quiet time; but through the rest of the day as well.

  11. Michelle S says:

    I loved this chapter and especially what she said about divorce. My husband and I both came from homes broken in different ways. We desperately wanted to break that cycle and have a marriage glorifying to God. One way decided to do this was to rule out divorce from the very beginning. We both agreed, it is just not an option. Even in the fights, which do occasionally happen, we never you use words suggestive of divorce. And honestly, I have never had even a fleeting thought about it. I agree, God created a wonderful miraculous thing in the marriage union. It does take work and I definately had a learning curve that it wasn’t all about me. :) but with God’s grace and help it is so beautiful.

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