Heavy Heart {Letter to God}

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Dear God,

I’m struggling today. My heart is heavy because the reality of it’s dependence is not where it should be. I’m so comfortable with the security and entertainment of this world that it has distracted me from seeking after you with a whole heart. I recognize my times of crying out are only times of need. I want you to know, to see, you mean more to me than that.

Yet, even in my half-hearted devotion, you have blessed me. You have met my needs. You have remained faithful.

I admit, I don’t know what it means to live a life of devotion. As much as I thought I needed you before, I need you even more now.

I don’t want to be so far buried under everything else that I forget who I am. I am Yours. Even more, I don’t want to forget who You are.

Take this heart and mold it. I surrender all the castles I’ve built. I surrender all my plans. I know I will have no peace until I have given up everything. Everything. So that all that remains is You.


  1. I read somewhere that it’s harder to surrender all, when we have much to leave behind. When you have nothing to loose no material belonging that are your own surrendering it all to the one that will provide for you is easier in a way!

    We are so bless and honestly more then we deserve, but we are steward of all the blessing we received and what we do with it can glorify Him or us, we should seek to always use all we have to Honor Him!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • You know, I don’t think I thought to use all I have for His glory. That gives me a bit of a new perspective! Thank you for that Renee :)

  2. See? I told you I’d be browsing your blog. :)

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